What Moving Method is for You?


If you’ve never had to move between states before, you might be surprised at how many options there are for transporting your belongings. Depending on your needs, different services will have different benefits. By taking the time to research your options, you can choose the service that will best suit your needs and your budget.

Professional Moving Company

Perhaps the best-known moving option, a professional mover comes to your home, loads furniture and boxes into a truck, then delivers that truck to your destination.
-Items are loaded into a large, high-capacity truck
-Professionals are responsible for loading and unloading the cargo
-You don’t have to drive any large trucks yourself
-Can be very expensive
-Movers may mishandle items, causing damage
-You must make an appointment with the movers and move on their schedule.
Professional movers are a great choice for large households that have several rooms to pack or many pieces of furniture to move. They’re especially useful for families who are traveling long distances and intend to fly to the destination rather than drive.

U-Haul Moving Trucks

Although U-Haul is the most popular brand of self-hauled moving trucks, several other companies operate along the same principle. You rent a truck and load it yourself; once you’ve driven it to your destination, you can drop off vehicle at a local rental office.
-Less expensive than professional movers
-More convenient; you can haul your items on your own schedule
-Available nearly everywhere
-You have to drive the truck yourself
-You must pay per mile for the truck rental as well as paying for gas
-You must load and unload your own belongings
U-Haul and similar self-driven rental trucks are an ideal choice for local moves. They might also be your most economical choice if you have a lot of items to move and are comfortable loading them on your own.

U-Pack Moving Options

Companies like U-Pack and POD provide a hybridized option for hauling your belongings from one location to another. Using a self-pack method, you load all of your belongings into a portable storage unit. The unit is then loaded onto a semi-truck and hauled to your destination for you.
-May be cheaper than a U-Haul if you only have one unit to transport
-You don’t have to drive a truck; the unit can be delivered right to your door
-The unit is loaded and unloaded at your convenience
-Quickly becomes more expensive than other options if you have several rooms to pack
-You must load your belongings yourself
-Items don’t ship immediately so there may be a delay before you can unpack your belongings
Self-pack storage units are a good choice for people moving out of small houses or apartments. If you only need one unit, the move will probably be cheaper than if you had rented a truck. As additional units are added, the price begins to rise.

Whether you decide on a professional moving company or a do-it-yourself mover, it’s a good idea to purchase homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to cover your belongings against accidental damage. That way, if any damage occurs to your items during the move, you can be reimbursed. So what moving method is for you? Share your thoughts, please!