7 Best Foods for Runners


There are a few great foods that every runner should eat to run better, have more energy and recover faster. As a professional runner, I know that food is a good fuel, and the better the fuel, the better I run. Here are seven best foods for runners, which will help you perform better in a race, and recover faster from hard running workouts.

1. Almonds

One of the best foods for runners is almonds which have plenty of amazing benefits. Almonds are high in protein and healthy fats and they help you stay full longer and they help fuel a successful run. Almonds also help stabilize blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of diabetes. They really make a healthy snack.

2. Bananas

Fuel your morning run by having a banana before running. Bananas are rich in potassium that helps regulate your hydration levels, fuel your body, and lower muscle cramping. Bananas also help balance and regulate your blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke. I personally love bananas and they really help me run better. I suggest you to eat a banana after your run too, it will help you recover faster.

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3. Berries

All berries are very beneficial for runners. Berries, such as blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries, are all rich in antioxidants, low in sugar and they are packed with essential vitamins. Eating berries will help you recover quicker so you can run stronger and longer.

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4. Spinach

A nutritional powerhouse, spinach is extremely high in phytonutrients and vitamins. It helps eliminate toxins from the body and makes you feel better. Consuming spinach on a regular basis also helps strengthen your bones, which is really helpful in improving your running time. If you want to become a better runner, make sure you add spinach into your everyday eating plan.

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5. Peanut butter

I’m sure, this is a great news for lovers of peanut butter and runners. A piece of whole wheat toast with oh-so delicious peanut butter is a great snack to eat before and after your run. You will provide your body with protein and carbs and have more energy to run better and longer. Peanut butter is high in plant compounds called sterols, which are one of the best cholesterol busters. Peanut butter can also reduce the risk of heart disease. Although this butter is so beneficial, you should never eat too much of it.

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6. Kefir and Greek yogurt

Perhaps you are surprised to see kefir or yogurt on this list, but they are really good for runners. Both kefir and yogurt contain active live cultures that help improve your digestive health, lower risks of disease and aid in muscle recovery due to high protein content. Consuming kefir or Greek yogurt will help you have more energy, run better and feel better.

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7. Salmon

I believe salmon is a superfood, because it has so many health benefits that it’s difficult to forget about this fantastic food. Salmon is rich in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, which help relieve inflammation from you workout and recover faster and more efficiently. For a longer and more effective run, consume salmon at least once a week, if you don’t want to eat it every day.

It’s good when you are aware of the foods that help run better, especially if you are a professional runner. Not only do these foods help you run better, they also help you have more energy, feel better and healthy. Are you a runner? What are your favorite running foods? Share your thoughts in the comments section, please.