5 Ways to Get Your Child to Eat Healthy Foods


5. Use a points system

Children love earning prizes, so what better way is there to promote healthy eating than to use a point award system?

Give healthy meals the highest point value, healthy snacks a mid-range value, and unhealthy foods and snacks negative point values. For example, eating a healthy dinner could earn a child ten points, a healthy snack five points, an unhealthy snack negative five points, and an unhealthy meal negative ten points.

Also assign point values to privileges or treats so that your child can “cash in” their healthy eating at the end of the week. For example, a medium sized bag of candy could be worth 150 points, a small bag worth 100 points, a sleepover party worth 75 points, and extra TV time worth 50 points.

Although it may take some time for your children to adjust to these ideas and a healthier diet in general, there is no doubt that these tips will help your child to develop healthy eating habits that will last them a life time.