5 Tips on Planning a Green Wedding


The big day is approaching. You want your wedding to not only be perfectly organized, but eco-friendly as well. You’re ready to dive in and pull it all the pieces together, but you’re not sure where to start. Who should you call? Which environmentally-safe service is best? Just breathe. You’ve got tons of professional and even do-it-yourself options. From selecting organic hors d’oeuvres to choosing an eco-conscious DJ, creating an unforgettable, green wedding is easier than you think.

1. Check for local green wedding planner

Don’t want to sweat the details? Check local online listings for a certified, green wedding planner. Eco-friendly wedding planners can work out such fine points as arranging your recycled-paper wedding invitations, finding the greenest merchants, helping you pick organic flower arrangements and hiring the best cleaning service for that after-party mess.

2. Make a to-do list

If you decide to pilot your green wedding arrangements yourself, start small. Make a comprehensive to-do list that covers every possible element of the big day. Look at each item on that list and figure out how to do it green. Consider the entertainment. What’s a wedding without a DJ or band? Call some local options and start asking questions. Does the band or DJ buy used instruments and equipment? Do they travel in a diesel bus or carpool in an electric automobile? Are they mindful to recycle, reuse and reduce whenever possible? Such questions will help you narrow your list down quickly.

3. Check organic menu with caterer

Catering is a huge component of any wedding, and picking the right caterer can be tough under even the best conditions. When consulting caterers, make sure their menu is completely organic, and that their food is purchased from local farmers. Got an edible decoration in mind? Go ahead and request that chocolate fountain. Just make sure it’s organic and that the fountain pot is eco-friendly!

4. Rent a tuxedo

There are plenty of ways to turn your white and black wedding attire green. Rent a tuxedo instead of buying it. Find a local dry cleaner that uses only eco-friendly cleaning practices before returning the tux. Numerous wedding gown shops now offer a wide selection of pre-made organic wedding dresses. Many boutiques can hand-sew a unique one for you from hemp or the organic/recycled cloth of your choice.

5. Get guests involved

Still looking for other ways to “green up” your wedding? Get your guests involved. Mention the green theme of your impending nuptials on your invitations and ask your guests to participate. Request gifts purchased locally and made from recycled or organic materials. Ask guests to carpool, or drive instead of traveling by plane. You’ll increase the eco-friendliness of your wedding while inspiring green practices among friends and family.

Planning a green wedding can take a bit more time and effort than an old-fashioned one, but the rewards speak for themselves. Go organic, minimize waste and lower the carbon footprint in all or just a few of your wedding arrangements. You’ll be more than just a brushing bride on your big day. You’ll be a hero to the environment.