20 Infographics About Alternative Words


A wide vocabulary is usually assumed to be a sign of intelligence. Regardless of whether you want to be better in your writing – school or business – or you just need to sound smarter, realizing the correct words to use or even better, knowing alternatives to the common, usual ones, is a good way to go.

The English language is a wonderful thing: there are so many ways of saying the same thing. These word infographics are great examples.

1. 16 Boring Words & What To Use Instead

2. 10 Alternatives For The Top 5 Emotions

3. More Than Three Little Words

4. We All Need These Beautiful Words In Our Lives

5. 234 Synonyms For “Said”

6. Did You Ever Think There Are So Many Ways To Say “Went”?

7. How To Never Use The Word “Very” Ever Again

8. How Do You Describe Your Hair/Style?

9. 22 Common Nouns & What You Can Use Instead

10. Get An Eyeful Of These Alternative Words For “To Look”

11. Get To Grip With Your Feelings With This Wheel Of Emotions

12. Never Struggle With Describing Flavors And Textures Again

13. How To Express Your Anger

14. Was It Good? No, It Was…

15. And When You Need To Kick Good Up A Notch

16. And, Of Course, We Need To Know How To Say “Bad”

17. Some Of Our Most Common Words Upgraded

18. So Many Different Emotions Can Be Conveyed In The Way Is Delivered

19. Was It Smelly? No, It Was…

20. Upgrade Some Most Commonly Used Words