7 Worst Times to Break Up with a Man


Are sick and tired of your relationship? You may break up with your partner and stop your suffering. This process is never easy that’s why you should treat it seriously and only after a considerable reflection on the situation you can make the right decision whether to break up forever or continue the relationship.

You need to be absolutely sure that your feelings and emotions don’t overshadow your sound mind. First of all, imagine your life without your significant other and consider all advantages and disadvantages of both single life and a relationship with your partner. If everything is so bad and you’re sure that you won’t regret your decision later, then clear your mind of annoying thoughts, which prevent you from breaking up with him. If you still love and respect your future ex, try to choose a suitable moment and place for a breakup conversation.

Otherwise, your decision can even worsen the situation. It’s desirable to postpone the breakup conversation if your partner is dealing with different emotionally strained situations or difficult personal problems. It can only break your partner down. Here are a few tips on how to make this challenging decision and say ‘goodbye’ to your relationship safely inappropriate time.

1. On his birthday

I understand that it’s very difficult to play the role of a lovely girlfriend and pretend that everything is perfect in your relationship. Birthday is a wonderful day that helps many people to be fully happy. I hope you’re not so cruel as to spoil the holiday that is celebrated once a year.

You may skip the party or wait until the next day, but I think it’s better to go ahead and break up with him before the birthday and let him celebrate it with his close friends. I’m sure his friends know how to support him during tough times.

2. After a death in his family

To my mind, a death in the family is one of the most stressful and shocking events. This kind of loss can make him grieve and feel depressed. You should know that during hard times human psyche is very vulnerable and the news about the breakup will intensify his mental anguish.

Give him some time to stop grieving over the death of his dearest person and bounce back from mourn and negativity. It’s better to give him a helping hand right after this sad event because it’s very dangerous to break an already depressed person down.

3. When you’re drunk

When you’re drunk, you cannot control your mind and behavior. You can speak your mind and offend your partner. I advise you to make serious decisions when you’re sober and responsible for the things you say.

It may also happen that your partner won’t take your speech seriously, because alcohol acts like a narcotic and it can intoxicate the mind and provoke people to do pointless things under its oblivion. Consequently, you’ll have to break up with him again. If you want to be treated seriously, you should be more reasonable and responsible in your actions.

4. When you’re angry

There’s a nice saying on this point, “Don’t make decisions when you’re angry.” I do completely agree because people can do and say unnecessary things when they’re angry and effective. Give your man an opportunity to explain everything, then you’ll be able to understand what is happening.

Clear your mind and let the feeling of anger fade away. If you have a strong relationship, you should struggle for your happiness by all means. Try to delve into the situation and talk to him in cold blood. It can change your attitude toward the problem and prevent your breakup.

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5. Using social media

Nowadays people are so addicted to the Internet that they post their private life on different social media websites. I hope you don’t suffer from Internet addiction. The idea to use social media to break up is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

Why not meet face to face and speak about your feelings, thoughts, and intention to break up? If you’re diffident and fear to look into his eyes, then the only way to break up with your man is to use emails or other types of messages.

6. Before a significant event

From time to time everyone has to face big life events. It’s extremely important to be both physically and mentally ready to go through things, which can change your life for the better. Your terrific news about a breakup can seriously discourage your partner.

Moreover, it will damage his productivity and desire to win. Give him a chance to focus on things that can make him happy and boost his confidence. I hope you don’t want to fill his mind with anxiety and obsessive thoughts about your desire to break up. Do your best to wait for a good moment to inform him that your relationship is over.

7. In public

If you respect yourself and your future ex, you should solve the problem of your relationship in private. Don’t let other people be witnesses of his liver failure. You may be a public person, but you should try to make an exception and organize an unpleasant tete-a-tete conversation, because breakups in public may be treated as an act of humiliation.

Just put yourself in his place and imagine how cruel it seems. Wise people usually say that it’s better to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

The breakup has always been an extremely difficult and painful part of romantic relationships. I understand your feelings and emotions, but you should remember that the person you’re going to forget has once been the love of your life. Listen to your heart and weigh all pros and cons.

If you see no way out, then break up, but try to do it correctly. What other ways do you find more effective to end a relationship? Share your experiences, please.