7 Peaceful Ways to Leave Your Partner


The beginning of our relationships with those we love is always romantic and full of expectations. It seems our happiness and mutual understanding will last forever.

However, when some time passes, you may realize that this guy is not the one you were looking for, and your feelings for him fade. If something goes wrong in your relations and you can’t change it, there is no other choice but to leave your lover.

Otherwise, your further communication with him will bring you disappointment and lots of quarrels. Sure, it will not be easy to tell your man that you want to break up with him. You should choose carefully the most appropriate way to do this to avoid stressful situations.

Try to leave your lover politely without any insults and don’t put your decision until tomorrow, act right now! So, if you’ve made up your mind to start a new life without your boyfriend, the following tips will help you to leave him peacefully.

1. Meet Him in Person

The best way to say goodbye to your lover is to meet him eye to eye. Surely, it will not be a pleasant thing to do. Plus, you may lose all your courage when you see him in person and give way to numerous temptations like kissing.

Finally, your intentions will come to nothing, and you’ll continue a relationship that doesn’t have a future. That’s why I would recommend you to meet your partner in a public place like a café or a park. It will give you a nice opportunity to discuss the problem without arguing.