7 Ways to Turn off Your Feelings

Learning ways on how to turn off your feelings is very hard, but sometimes it’s very necessary. You don’t have to switch off your feelings all of the time, but when you try to get over an ex or when you are at work, it’s vitally necessary. If you don’t know how to turn off your feelings, don’t worry, here is a list of 7 ways to turn off your feelings.

1. Don’t think about it

Thinking about your feelings and thinking over something individually can hurt you more. I know it’s difficult, but try not to think about it. Stop thinking about the situation, and don’t let those terrible thoughts enter your mind because overthinking too many things can lead to numerous misunderstandings and fights.

2. Develop a thick skin

The second way on how to turn off your feelings is developing thick skin. I must do this when I first started working, and to tell the truth, it’s helped in every situation of my life. If you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t take every single thing personally, that’s why developing thicker skin will help you not fight with your partner so much, and you will not be so sensitive.

3. Distance yourself

If you must go through this, you need to reconsider your relationship. If your boyfriend is hurting you constantly and making you distance yourself, that’s not a healthy relationship for you. Distancing yourself from difficult situations helps you turn off your feelings.

4. Don’t let your partner hurt you

If your boyfriend says something that could hurt you, try not to think about it! Don’t let him hurt you! If you can’t control the situation, you should at least show him how tough you are because you don’t let him hurt you. Respect yourself and remember that you are the only person who can let anyone hurt you.

5. You are better than fighting girls

You should know that you are better than those fighting girls, that you don’t let anyone control your feelings. You need to decide when you are upset, when you are angry, or when you get hurt. These are all feelings that you are in charge of, and only you know when you can turn them off.

6. Keep a diary

A diary is a perfect way to get your feelings out and control them. I have a diary which I write in all my emotions, and I can tell that it works greatly for me!

It actually allows me to pour all my feelings out into it without speaking to anybody. Don’t show your diary to anybody because it’s your personal thing!

7. Meditate

I meditate all of the time because I believe that it’s a really great way to escape from problems, look inside yourself, and pull yourself out. Meditation can also help you get through any hurting feelings, so if you feel hurt, try to meditate and get through that pain.

These are only a few ways to turn off your feelings. What other ways to switch off your feelings do you know? Besides, have you ever turned off your feelings? Share your thoughts, please!1