7 Ways to Better Your To-Do List


If you are trying to improve your to-do list and make it more achievable, the ways to better to-do list may come in handy. We need to-do lists since they help in different ways to drive us towards reaching our goals. However, there’s no need to list everything you have to do, or it will be a nagging and boring reminder of things you haven’t done. Your to-do list should work for you and help you achieve all your goals, but not frustrate you. Begin crossing things off by following these easy tips on how to better your to-do list.

1. Set a deadline

Setting a deadline for every point in your list is one of the most effective ways to improve it. Remember, your to-do list is supposed to better your time management. When you have deadlines, you know that you have to do it and you don’t have time to postpone it. Dedicate a certain amount of time to every task and make sure you accomplish it on time.

2. Stick to 7

Another easy way to better your to-do list is sticking to 7. Just think about it, all of the most wonderful lists come in sevens. For instance, the Seven Wonders of the World, the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Seven Ages of Man. The reason why 7 is a successful number is because people find it difficult to remember something more than seven. Sticking to 7 goals will help you achieve each of them.

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3. Break down large tasks

It’s a big mistake to encapsulate a large task within a little note on the list. Large tasks must always be broken down into smaller ones. Everybody knows that the best way to accomplish a huge task is to break it down into manageable pieces. This way, you will reach your goals more effectively and quickly.

4. Do your easiest tasks first

My favorite way to better the to-do list is by prioritizing the easiest tasks first and placing the most difficult tasks further down the list. There’s nothing wrong with accomplishing the easy tasks first. Once you accomplish them, it can be easier to tackle the most difficult tasks on your list.

5. Add several breaks

When you are trying to improve your to-do list, adding several breaks to it is a must. Eating, relaxing, talking to your friends are some of the most necessary breaks. When you have a hard day ahead of you with plenty of difficult tasks to accomplish, taking breaks will help keep you enthusiastic and motivated and will stop you from getting overloaded and feeling exhausted.

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6. Avoid a needless list

My friend has many needless lists. She has lists for everything she has to do and her lists are so large that sometimes she is confused and forgets to accomplish some of the most important tasks. Better your to-do list by avoiding needless lists. You should only make your list when there are really important tasks to do that you know you might forget.

7. Have a separate part of your to-do list

When new tasks come up, it’s better to have a separate part of your list instead of adding them to the tasks you have to accomplish. This way, you will quickly see the new tasks and you will know when they must be done. A long to-do list will only frustrate you and you might not meet your deadlines.

If you find time to make your to-do list easy to read and much more achievable, you can make it work to your best benefit. What is your to-do list like? How do you achieve your goals? Share your tips with us, please.