7 Ways to Obtain a More Flexible Work Schedule


If you feel overwhelmed when you are at work because you have plenty of tasks to accomplish and there are a lot of things about your work that makes you feel anxious, then you need to learn several ways to obtain a more flexible work schedule.

Don’t think that these ways will cause you many problems with your colleagues or with your boss because there is actually nothing to worry about. Just try to be more courageous and learn to stand for what you really want and everything will certainly improve very soon.

1. Assess your work

If you often feel overwhelmed by everything you do at work, start with assessing your work and write down everything you presently do at your job. Think about which tasks you can do at home and which ones at work.

However, make sure you think things through and don’t act on impulse. You should be able to accomplish all those tasks from your home.

2. Talk to your boss

When you need something, don’t be afraid to talk to your boss, regardless of how intimidating they might be. If you really love your work and you are good at it, your boss must care about your comfort and happiness since they already know how important you’re for the company.

Talking to your boss is one of the best ways to obtain a more flexible work schedule. Explain to them how important for you to have a more flexible work schedule and how your productivity can increase afterward. Once your boss sees your results, they will certainly agree with you.

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3. Create a well-structured proposal

One of the smartest ways to avoid your boss rejecting your proposal is to create a well-structured proposal to show all the advantages the company and you could obtain if you had a more flexible work schedule.

You can write down your ideas and even make several bullet points so you will highlight all the advantages. This will show your boss that you’re serious about it and that you really thought things through before making this proposal.

4. Prove it

If you’ve already talked to your boss and you are now obtaining a more flexible work schedule, you’d have accomplished your tasks at home first to be more convincing. Show your boss that you can accomplish more tasks when you have more flexibility.

5. Try to propose a trial period

Have you presented all your arguments to your boss and they still refuse to give you more flexibility at work? Why not propose a trial period?

This is a great way to prove that doing some things from your home won’t influence your job performance. This way, you will have more chances to obtain a more flexible work schedule and your boss won’t be disappointed in you.

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6. Keep it strictly business

Whatever your reason for trying to obtain a more flexible work schedule, keep it private when you are asking your boss to let you do certain things from your home. Your boss should see that you are not influenced by your personal problems and that you think only about the success and results of your company.

7. Act like a professional

Just because your boss rejected your proposal doesn’t mean you should give up. Hey, it’s just the first time you have talked to your boss!

Stay positive and professional and if you manage to stay professional despite the fact that you didn’t obtain a more flexible work schedule, you will impress your boss and you will definitely reach your goal in the near future. Show you’re a serious, hard-working, and reliable person who knows what you’re talking about and you might even get a second chance and negotiate more flexibility at work.

Now you see that it’s possible to negotiate more flexibility at work. Just don’t give up and stay positive! So, ladies, have you ever tried to obtain a more flexible work schedule? Did you obtain it? Please share your tips!