7 Things Not to Say to Your Boss


Today many people do care about their jobs and I’m pretty sure you care about your career as well. If so, did you know about the things you should avoid saying to your boss? If you want to get a promotion or keep your job, it’s better to think twice before you say something and control your emotions when you are at work and your boss is nearby.

Also, don’t forget that you should be honest with your boss in order to feel appreciated and respected for your hard work, however, make sure you don’t take this too far. Check out seven things you should avoid saying to your boss.

1. I can’t do it

One of the worst things you could say to your boss is that you can’t accomplish the task. Sometimes it’s okay to doubt your abilities since you are only human.

But most of the time you are just overreacting, and when you begin doing that task you realize that you can actually do it and do it really well. So, try not to be pessimistic because you will not look good in your boss’ eyes, who will not give that promotion you want so much.

2. It’s not my responsibility

Most people don’t have their dream job, and they are forced to do plenty of things they don’t like. Even if you don’t like your job, try to control your emotions and don’t tell your boss that it’s not your responsibility when they ask you to do another thing that is not in your job’s requirements.

You can refuse them politely and offer some alternatives. Your boss will appreciate the fact that you have tried to find a solution to the problem.

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3. I’m bored

One of the most common mistakes many people do when they are talking to their boss during their working hours or during lunch is saying that they are bored. I believe this is certainly one of the worst things you must avoid saying to your boss, since you will make them think you are not working hard enough and they might give you several extra tasks, so you will not complain about being extremely bored during your working hours.

4. Political affiliation and religious beliefs

I’m sure many people wouldn’t agree with me, but I think that you should never talk about these topics with your boss. Your religious beliefs might offend your boss, even if you didn’t mean it to happen. So, don’t talk about politics or religion while you are at work and always keep your beliefs to yourself, because you might also offend your coworkers and create a hostile work environment.

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5. I’m overqualified for this position

If you are not going to leave your job, never say to your boss that you are overqualified for your job. You should act mature and responsible and be aware of the important fact that it’s difficult these days to find the perfect job. Even if you are overqualified for your position, you must avoid saying it to your boss and keep looking for your dream job without saying it to your boss and your colleagues.

6. Nightlife

This is a very sensitive topic that you must never discuss with your boss. They don’t need to know what you do when you come home from work if you are going on some awesome date, if you are spending your time with your children, or if you are hitting the bars every night. They don’t need to know all those things, so try to avoid talking about your nightlife with your boss.

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7. Personal info

You might not know but most employers make decisions based upon some details of the personal life of their employee. Sure, this is absolutely wrong and even discriminatory, but this is actually true. So make sure you act professionally and try to keep your personal information personal!

Saying the wrong things to a boss could sometimes cost someone their promotion or even a job. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to shut up and keep all those things to yourself.

What do you think about this list? Do you know any other things not to say to a boss? Please comment below.