8 Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Your Toddler


Once a baby becomes a toddler every day is an adventure. Newfound mobility can pose a real danger if precautions aren’t taken to kid-proof living areas. Tiny fingers just can’t wait to grab hold of anything that looks interesting, so it’s up to competent adults to ensure potential household catastrophes are avoided.

1. Get down on a toddler`s level

The best way to identify dangerous issues is to get down on a toddler’s level. By surveying the environment through a small child’s eyes, it’s easier to recognize what areas need improvement. From electrical outlets to electronic equipment, children are curious how things work.

2. Use a plastic caps

To a small child, an electrical outlet can be a fascinating place to stick objects. The use of plastic caps over electrical sockets eliminates the fear of anyone being electrocuted. Coming in packs of 12 or larger, this is the most cost-effective approach. Replacing outlet covers with safety covers that slide over the outlet opening is an attractive and convenient option. It doesn’t require having to remove a hard to remove plastic cap to use the outlet. This option costs about $4 a cover.

A third option is an electrical outlet cover that completely covers the outlet and any electrical plugs that might be plugged into the outlet. This is an excellent choice when using the outlet, because it makes it impossible for a child to pull any wires from the outlet. Covers cost about $3 to $5 per cover.

If power strips are being used, it’s important to remember to purchase power strip covers that go over the power strips. This will protect the child from pulling the wires out. At about $10, these covers are mandatory.

3. Buy a light switch extension

Many children end up getting hurt when they climb up onto furniture or objects to reach a light switch, so investing in light switch extensions allows the child to be able to turn a light on or off independently. At an average price of about $8, this can be an excellent investment.

4. Do not place a crib near window

One of the most dangerous things to do is place a crib near a window. Once a baby can stand, there is the potential that he or she could grab blind or shade cords and wrap them around his or her neck. It’s also a good idea to remove anything a child could climb on from the crib, including crib bumpers, once the child can stand. In addition, taking down the mobile will ensure the child won’t pull it down and hurt his or herself.