How to Use Name Tags when Traveling


Although name tags are usually thought of as having your own name on them, when it comes to traveling, there are a number of other uses you could put them too. For example, when vacation time roles around, it’s usual to think about what to pack to take with you, and to start planning what you need to buy, but one thing that usually gets forgotten is identifying your personal belongings. Instead of scribbling down the information on a tie-on label at the check-in desk, why not use name tags to give your property a more planned look!

Having spent several hundred dollars to make sure you have the right kind of camera, and then adding a hundred more purchasing a professional looking case to put it in seems a little pointless if you then add a tacky dog-eared label that has your name on it! Add to the look of quality you want to convey by attaching a professionally made name tag that shows that you’re serious about your equipment.

Professional name tags

There are millions of people traveling through airports each day, and many of them will have the same color and size of checked luggage as you. Let yours stand out from the crowd by purchasing some professional name tags to attach to your luggage. This won’t just help you pick up the right bag at baggage reclaim; it will also give the impression that you’re a seasoned traveler!

Traveling with kids

If you are traveling with younger kids, use name tags as a way of them identifying themselves if they get separated from you. Think outside the normal box of the “kid’s names” and use the name tags to give information that will get the children returned to you in the least possible time. You could also use this with elderly relatives who have issues with confusion.

Health issue

Another thing you could put on your name tag if you have a medical condition that requires you take medication but for which there isn’t a medic-alert tag. This will help paramedics help you if you have a health issue on vacation and are unable to tell them what medication you take, or the condition you have.

Think ahead and order name tags that won’t just make you look professional and cool; they’ll actually help you feel more secure on your travels!