7 Ways to Heal a Broken Friendship


I know it hurts a lot when you don’t talk with your best friend anymore, and you start thinking that your friendship is already dead, but don’t give up! The bond of friendship is unconditional and pure, so you have a chance to heal your broken friendship. Check out some ways that can help you to fix a broken friendship.

1. Don’t get your ego in your friendship

Ego, arrogance, and pride can ruin any relationship. So don’t get your ego in your friendship! A friendship is to be cherished because it can help us to grow in life.

If it was your mistake, then admit it and apologize. If you want to get your friend back in your life, don’t keep an arrogant behavior.

2. Let go first

Whatever the reason, don’t be afraid to let go first. Letting go of the past is very important. It could be your friend’s or your fault. It will be easier to make a new start if you let go of the situation.

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3. Be thoughtful and honest

This is another way to heal a broken friendship. Be honest in your approach.

It’s significant for you to be thoughtful towards the whole situation. Your sincere effort will help you to fix your broken friendship.

4. Write it down

One of the best ways to express your feelings is writing. Write a letter or an email to your friend. Write down your thoughts and feelings, why it happened, what to do about it and why you want to get your friend back in your life.

Words will describe your feelings in a better way. Accepting mistakes and apologizing can make things better.

5. Don’t blame

Once you’ve decided to heal a broken friendship, don’t indulge in blame game. If you start blaming, you will make the situation even worse.

Blaming can result in an intense argument. Stay calm and let your friend express her feelings, and you will make your friendship even stronger than before.

6. Go slow

If you already start talking to your friend, try to go slow. Do not expect the same attitude from your friend as before. It might take some time for her to let go of the situation.

Give your friend the time she needs. This is one of the best ways to heal a broken friendship.

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7. Revive the old times spent with your friend

Good memories you shared with your best friend will certainly make your friend and you nostalgic. They will also help you to make a really good start.

When you and your friend will think in the same way, it will be much easier to fix a broken friendship.Hope this ways will help you to heal your broken friendship.

Do you know some other ways? Share your thoughts, please.