8 Things Dad Can Do to Help Mom


Being a mother is a great job, but there are days when it’s good to have that quiet alone time. Here are a few things dads can do to help moms. Show this list to your husband if you know he’d like to help out but doesn’t know where to start.

1. Come home with dinner

One of the most wonderful things a father can do is to bring home dinner. It can be pizza, restaurant take-out, or groceries to cook something himself, it will not matter to worn-out moms! Some days are harder than others, especially if mom has three children (or more), and dinner can be much more stressful than it should be.

2. Help with errands and chores

Often the day is not long enough to do everything you want to. If father has a free day, he can go with mother while she runs errands to help push the grocery cart or to keep children occupied. Helping with errands and chores is one of the best things dad can do to help mom!

3. Clean up after himself

Another thing dad can do to help mom is to clean up after himself. Keeping a house in order can be really hard, especially if you have one or more children.

Sometimes it seems like your job is never over! Dad can help mom by putting away his clothes and dishes after a meal, or any other items on a daily basis.

4. Watch the children while mom rests

After a hard working day, mom needs to unwind too. Perhaps a bubble bath or a catnap would help relax and de-stress her! If father can entertain the kids for an hour or even two, mother will be able to relax uninterrupted!

5. Be a children’s referee

Those days when children won’t stop disagreeing or just don’t want to heed mother’s warnings, dad can help mom. For mom who’s been playing a referee the whole day, it would be great to have someone help reinforce rules! Dad is usually great for this type of stuff.

6. Spend the whole day with kids

Mom works hard and gives unselfishly of her time, so devoting a day to pampering herself would be a really rare treat. Dad can spend the whole day with children, so mom can lie in bed or sleep all day, get her nails done or go shopping! This will help her de-stress and re-coop in a good way.

7. Give her a little pat on the back

What mom needs most from dad is a loving shoulder to lean on. Even if she feels like she had a bad day, someone should let her know she is doing an excellent job! Sometimes a gentle squeeze, a bouquet of favorite flowers, a hug or a kiss can go a long way!

8. Arrange a date night

Arranging a date night is something really sweet that dad can do to give mom a break. Setting up babysitting, making dinner reservations and planning everything out are things dad should do by himself. It’ll give both mom and dad a break from their kids, and give that much-needed time together!

No matter whether you are stay-at-home mom or working mom, sometimes things can get overwhelming. So you hubby might help run your errands.

Do you know any other things dad can do to help mom? Share them, please!