7 Warning Signs You Are Overtraining


Usually, we look for motivation to exercise, but do you know that there are signs you are overtraining? In fact, overtraining is very unhealthy and it can lead to a great variety of changes in your body and mind. Check out a few warning signs you are exercising too much.

1. You have an increased heart rate

One of the warning signs you’re overtraining is when your heart rate is increased. Exercising too often and too hard stresses your heart and it has to work harder.

Determine your resting heart rate on your neck or wrist and count the number of your heartbeats per second.  A resting heart rate can range from 40 to 100 beats per minute. If it’s increased, make sure you give your body some time to rest.

2. You experience exhaustion after working out

Another warning sign you are overtraining is when you experience exhaustion after your exercise. Normally we feel great after our working out, we’re tired, but we feel energized and strengthened. If you start feeling frequently fatigued and you have pain in your joints and muscles, it could be a time to give your body a break.

3. You have a weak immune system

If you notice that you get sick easily, this might be from overtraining. When you continually exercise too much, it can lead to an injury, a weakened immune system, or inflammation. Make sure you give your body enough rest and don’t overwork your body.

4. You have frequent mood swings

When you exercise too much, you experience anxiety, irritability, anger, and moodiness. If yes, take a break from your exercise and give your body rest. When your body is physically overstressed from exercising too often and too hard, it releases stress hormones.

5. You experience reduced exercise performance

If you work out too much you may experience reduced exercise performance. You might use to lifting a certain amount of weight or running a certain distance before, but now you’re having some trouble reaching that point. Determine your performance based on the norm and give your body time to rest if you are experiencing some difficulties.

6. You experience insomnia

Another warning sign you are overtraining is insomnia. Exercising too much can lead to trouble falling asleep, disrupted sleep, and restlessness. There might be some other reasons why you experience insomnia, but if this sign is paired with other signs on this list, then you must give your body time to rest.

7. You are not interested in exercising

If you feel like you are getting mentally burnt out from exercising, this is the last warning sign you are overtraining. If you no longer find enjoyment in working out, take a rest and find something that motivates you to work out again.

It can be really dangerous if you ignore these signs of overtraining. Always give yourself enough time to recover, stay hydrated and eat well. Have you ever experienced signs of overtraining? Share your thoughts, please!