7 Undeniable Reasons to Start Paying Your Bills Online


I always pay bills online and I don’t understand people who don’t take advantage of it. The thing is that many of us don’t trust the Internet and think that their payments won’t reach creditors on time. Plus, people think that the process is very complicated. However, paying bills online is reliable and simple. Here are a few undeniable reasons to start paying your bills online.

1. Payments post on the same day

If you are going to mail your bills, you should send payment one week before the due date to ensure a timely arrival. Paying bills online will alleviate a late arrival. If you submit your payment by 5 PM, the creditors will credit your account the same day.

2. Save on stamps

If you have been to the post office, you know how much it costs to mail letters. Mail 11 letters and you will easily spend over $5 on stamps. If you pay bills online, you will save on stamps. It’s better to keep that bucks in your pocket and, for instance, buy yourself a cup of coffee.

3. It’s free of charge

While some creditors charge a nominal fee for phone payments, others allow people to submit online payments for free. Sure, rules regarding fees can vary by creditors. So you should contact your creditors for some additional information.

4. Save on fuel

When you pay your bills online you save not only on stamps, but on fuel as well, since you don’t have to drive to your bank, the post office or other places that sell stamps, which can be a big inconvenience. Want more reasons to start paying your bills online? Keep reading…

5. It saves paper and time

Not only will paying your bills online save an envelope, but this can save paper and time if you request to have your statements sent to your email. Moreover, you don’t have to worry that statements will be lost in the mail.

6. Secure websites

Most people are afraid to pay bills online because of someone stealing their identity. And it’s a valid concern. But most credit card companies and banks go to great lengths to ensure their customer’s personal information is protected. But there are also some ways to protect yourself. You should always look for security logos on creditor sites. And if you receive unsolicited emails from your creditors, never click the links, because it can be hackers who pose as credit card companies.

7. Make a payment from any location

No matter whether you are at home, at work or on vacation, when you pay your bills online, you can make a payment from any location in the globe. Sure, you must have Internet access, but if you have, you can send payments by its due date.

With the fact that it’s convenient, and all the safety measures, paying your bills online is the best and fastest way to simplify your finances. Do you pay your bills online?