10 Simple Ways to Cut Your Phone Bills


No one wants to pay too much for their phone, but it is easy to end up spending more than you intended. If you do not know how to keep costs down, your phone bill could be one of the biggest bills you pay each month. Fortunately, there is a few ways to cut your high phone bills.

1. Text for free

Use an app like HeyWire or Skype to text someone for free. With Wi-Fi available everywhere, you can easily use internet-based apps to avoid using your monthly text messages. Depending on the app, the person you are texting may also have to have the same app.

2. Use Wi-Fi

You will quickly burn through your data plan if you are downloading or uploading large files. The best way to avoid being charged for going over your limit is to use free Wi-Fi. While you should be careful with what you access on a public connection, this can be a great way to get around the limitations of your data plan.

3. Keep roaming off

The idea behind the roaming option on your phone is to enable you to connect to networks outside of your own country. However, roaming is very expensive.

Even if you are not planning on leaving your town, your phone may end up connecting to another network and you will be charged for it. Avoid this by simply turning off the roam feature.

4. Shop around

Keep track of when your contract is up for renewal and make sure you negotiate with the phone company before you renew. You will have more leverage at this point and can often end up with even better deals than before.

Do not be afraid to check out other companies, either. If there is a better deal somewhere, you should carefully research it and then go for the better plan.

5. Take a monthly plan

While you may end up paying for your phone out of pocket if you skip the contract, you will have far more flexibility and will usually pay less for the monthly plan.

Where a contract is rigid and gives you very specific rules, the month-by-month option allows you to move to another provider if a better deal comes up.

6. Choose the right plan

Most companies offer a few different plans, including a family plan. Do not just jump into the contract. Take the time to compare the pros and cons and make sure you understand exactly what you are getting. Do not buy into fancy plans that you really do not need. There is no point in spending money on something you will never use.

7. Avoid in-app purchases

It only takes a second for kids to purchase an app while playing on your phone. You should make a point of either keeping your cell away from the kids or turning off the option to buy levels and prizes in a game. You could end up saving yourself a small fortune by simply disabling the buy feature.

8. Ask for a better deal

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Call your provider and ask them if you are on the best package for you. The request will usually alert the company to the fact that you are considering switching.

You will likely be offered some much better choices. Keep track of them, but do not commit until you have had a chance to compare the prices to other companies.

9. Keep track of failures

If the company has not provided the service that was promised in your contract, you can speak to them. Call customer service and let them know that you are not pleased with the service.

Refer to your contract and provide your log of service outages. The log is often enough to get you a lower monthly fee or an upgraded plan.

10. Combine plans to get a discount

If you also need a home phone, you can often get a lower monthly fee by choosing the same company for your cell phone and home phone plan.

Keeping phone costs low does not happen automatically. You will need to seek out the best deals and make sure you are ready to switch if your current provider does not offer the best plan.