Top 10 Best Summer Accessories 2013


Summer 2013 is fruitful for hot and fashionable accessories. Top world brands created a great variety of fashionable small things every lady wants to possess. Let’s take a look on the 10 best summer accessories.

1. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are at the top of their popularity. The most admired by hottest celebs, they always attract attention with their low price, modern design and casualty. By the way, they fit most types of faces and are liked both by men and women. I suppose, it’s one of the must-have summer accessory of this year.

2. Chanel White Ceramic Automatic Midsize Watch

These absolutely amazing ceramic watches by Chanel are the real symbol of luxury and successful life. Every watch by Chanel is a pure perfection: just imagine how it will look with tanned skin and for example white Louis Vuitton purse… Every business lady has to have this diamond decorated fashionable summer accessory.

3. Burberry Giant Crinkled Gauze Scarf

This classic lightweight scarf by Burberry is the most popular accessory of every summer. The texture of wool/silk combination is very delicate and soft. Recognizable Burberry print will make your style hot and iconic.

4. Love Moschino Belt

Fabulous Love Moschino belt is most-liked among women all over the world. This belt will make your look stylish and posh in any situation. I just suppose I’ll get one for myself as it’s getting more and more popular, even classic summer accessory.

5. Juicy Couture Bracelet

Juicy Couture bracelets are without any doubt the most eye-catching summer accessory. 12-karat gold-plated brass curb chain will be the best decoration for your hands. Each bracelet by this brand has several charms that will take away your heart. For example, Eiffel tower and Statue of liberty will raise warm memories about the places you’ve been or the other way it will make you dream about visiting them someday…

6. Louis Vuitton Heart Coin Purse

Louis Vuitton Heart Coin Purse will come in handy in small shops. Especially in summer, when we often stop by to eat some ice-cream or to drink some cold juice. Top-fashionable summer accessory will be a perfect place for all the coins you have. Cute heart shape and lovely charm at the other end of the golden chain make this accessory admired by all girls. I‘d like to have one, and you?

7. Alexander Mcqueen Britannia Skull Box Clutch

Alexander Mcqueen clutches will always be admired by women, as they have special luxury trashy design. This white-red-blue clutch is decorated with iconic recognizable scull. Great Britain Flag print is amazingly popular this summer. Even I have a t-shirt with this print. Do you have something also? Tell me.

8. Tiffany & Co. Rings

I really adore Tiffany jewels. They are soooo subtle, stylish and lovely… All that make them most-wanted accessory. Which lady doesn’t want to get such a ring as a gift with the words: Will you marry me? So cute!

9. Christian Dior Lady Handbag

This lovely red bag as is also associated with luxury and wellness. This kind of purse is very popular, because it’s very bright and comfortable to use.

10. Victoria’s Secret beach bags

And of course Victoria’s secret! It is a tenderly beloved brand by all women around the world. These beach bags are very nice and funny. I recommend you to buy some beach towels, sandals, tote bags by Victoria’s Secret. You will always look stylish.

So, ladies, here we go. Writing this article, I got a strong desire to spend a lot of money on summer accessories. Did you get it also?