9 Useful Tips on How to Simplify Your Life Right after Birth of Your Child


No matter how many children have you already given birth to, you will have very hard times after your arrival from the hospital. Sure, if you have some helpers it will be easier for you. But if you are a single mom you should definitely know some tips on how to simplify your life right after the birth of your child.

Through years you will reminisce this time and in your memories, it will be a really happy period, but you must prepare. So, I want to congratulate you on this great event and present you with some tips on how to make your life easier!

1. Give some time only for yourself

It’s really important to give some time only to yourself. You can’t be the best mother of all time, you need to have a rest.

If you don’t have enough time, I advise you to hire a sitter. Try to relax and don’t think about your responsibility. We all know that we can’t work always, we need to re-focus sometimes, and it will help us to accumulate some powers.

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2. Buy all things you will need

When you are at home yet you need to buy everything you will need, when you come back from the hospital. Stock up all paper products, household chemicals, and non-perishable products to eat. Remember that you will need a lot of diapers and wipes, make yourself free of them and stock up these items for a long time!

3. Remember what helps your baby fall asleep

Now we have a lot of “helpers” that can really make your baby sleep. Try them all and choose one way that is really useful. This is very important because it will give you though 2-3 hours or, if the best happened, the whole night.

4. Route responsibilities

It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of helpers or you are a single mom and have only one or two friends, you must route some deal between them. Someone should cook, someone must tend your baby while you have a shower or sleep a bit. Ask somebody to take responsibility to go to shops, when you really need it. If they all exactly know what to do you will avoid a lot of problems.

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5. Prepare something to watch

Of course, there are a lot of things to watch on TV, but remember that your baby will wake up at different times of the day or night. And when you feed him or her you can catch only, for example, news or something like this. Record your favorite TV shows or some series and you will not be so sad to spend your sleepy time with your baby.

6. Prepare some food

After a hospital, you will not have any time and energy to cook something, but food will be very important for you both. Think about yourself and prepare something for this busy period of time! You can cook it and froze, so you will have to only heat it.

Even if you have a lot of helpers they will be busy too, because there are a lot of things to do around you. So, make your refrigerator and pantry full of some meals and you will avoid one headache.

7. Define what you really need

Try all known baby stuff that you have ever heard about and choose something you really like and want to use. Some love poppies while others absolutely don’t. Try to use a rocking chair; it can really help you when you sleep.

8. Be ready for feeding

There are two ways of feeding: breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. You need to be ready for both of them. For the first, you must prepare some clothes, for example, a single button-up shirt.

It helps you easily feed your baby. And if you choose bottle-feeding, prepare several different bottles. Some babies are really picky, but you will not have enough time to buy the new one when you have already come home.

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9. Spread everywhere essential things

If you have a really big house, you must spread everything you need all around it. Don’t force yourself to run to the one place every time you need some diapers or wipes. If you have three floors, lay on every floor some baby stuff. It helps you avoid a lot of nervous situations and you will be a bit less tired at the end of the day.

Remember that your feelings after your baby’s birth only depend on your preparation for this time. Honestly, it is the greatest time ever, and you will have a lot of joy!

So, how did you prepare for this period? Was it easy for you? Could you give us some tips?