7 Things You Don’t Have to Change about Your Life


Most people are not satisfied with their life and wish that it were different. However, there are several things that you shouldn’t want to change in your life, things that you have to appreciate.

Your family, traits, and past mistakes are all those small things that make you who you’re. While it’s okay to dream about a different life, don’t try to change the following things in your life:

1. Childhood

No matter what your childhood was, you can’t change it now. The people you associated with and the town/city you grew up in helped shape you.

If you grew up in a different city, you would be an absolutely different person. Don’t wish your childhood was different, you should love who you are and appreciate your childhood.

2. Family

Even if you don’t like your family, you should never wish that you had better parents. If your parents didn’t get together to have you, you would not be the person that you are now.

Lineage is one of the major things we should never change because we can’t do this. If you don’t get along with your family, at least don’t hate them. Remember they gave you life and they are your parents.

3. Life

On tough days, you might think your life is miserable and you want to die. It happens at times, I know, but you must be alive. It can be difficult to remember how wonderful life is when everything goes wrong, but try to appreciate things you have.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in life is wishing to die. Please don’t make this mistake and love your life no matter what.

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4. Past

Your past cannot be change. You cannot change those terrible memories and those awful mistakes along with awkward situations. Since you cannot take your past back, you should learn to live with it.

Sure, we don’t like mistakes, but we need them and we should learn from them to make our life better. Don’t focus on the things you regret, think of your present actions instead.

5. Intellect

It’s good to strive to get more knowledge. While you should be open to learning something new, don’t worry if you are struggling in your chemistry or calculus class. You might be better at learning new languages or sewing so focus on things you like and don’t worry if you can’t acquire more knowledge.

6. Your look

If you are not satisfied with your weight or hair color, you can change it. But, if you don’t like your skin color or height, you can’t change them so the only thing you have to do is to be proud of them.

Sure, there are people who look beautiful and different than you, but you are special and beautiful in your own way. Appreciate what you look like and always love yourself.

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7. Dreams

Even if your dreams are hard to reach, it doesn’t mean you should give up them and choose easier ones. If you really want something, you should go for it.

Don’t force yourself to find a well-paid job, if you want to be a volunteer or an author. Yes, it’s easier to reach simple goals, but do you want it? Each challenge requires efforts, so be ready to put in your best ones.

Don’t waste your precious time trying to change these things. Love your parents, your friends, yourself and your enemies, and of course, love your life.

Remember that there are certain things that no one can change. Embrace your mistakes and don’t be afraid to fail. Every time you make a mistake, there’s an essential lesson for you to learn.

Do you agree with this list?