8 Things I Learned from Living Alone


When I was a teenager I thought I would have been the happiest person in the world if I had lived alone. Almost a year has passed since I crossed the threshold of my new apartment for the first time. My own apartment. And I can’t say I was the happiest, because I was somewhat confused and frustrated.

When you start living alone it may take some time before you adjust to the new conditions. My routine, habits and manners (not to mention expenses) have changed greatly!

I’ve found that living alone is not all about pluses and benefits and if you still think so, you’d better take off those rose-tinted glasses. The surest thing is that I became realistic due to living by myself and I’ve learned a lot of new things about life.

1. I’m not oppressed by others’ presence

I grew up in a large family and I always needed to consider others’ interests, desires and just presence. Even when living with my dormmate I felt a little bit uncomfortable about her constant visitors, exes and all the accidental people who came to our room. But living alone means complete freedom, which I adore.

When I know there’s no other set of eyes and ears out there I can confidently enjoy wearing whatever I want. I can even spend all day in my underwear or pajamas without awkward gazes and stupid excuses. And it feels really awesome when nobody tries to occupy the TV or bathroom in the morning.

2. I’m absolutely messy

Now I have nobody to blame for the mess since I’m the only one who’s responsible for all this. I have nobody to clean the fridge or bathroom or take away the leftovers.

I’ve understood that I hate cleaning and it’s really hard to keep everything in order. I appeared to be messier than I thought since now I simply have no time to perform the cleaning.

3. I constantly mutter to myself

This is a common thing with most people and I was always inclined to talking to myself. But when I started living alone this habit became stronger.

Perhaps I want to fill the dead silence and make some noise in the quiet house or maybe I’m just paranoiac. But now I seriously consider having a pet or finding my love.

4. My fridge is often empty

Living with a dormmate was easier in the sense that there was always some food in the fridge even if that food didn’t belong to me. And I always knew I wouldn’t starve to death if I forgot to stock up.

Now when I forget to stock up on food, my fridge is literally empty. On the other hand, when I buy food I know perfectly well that I’m the only one to eat it! Another essential thing to learn when I began living alone was cooking.

Processed food and takeout are great, but they could profoundly harm my health. That’s why I started planning my weekly menu and learned a lot of cooking tips for living alone.

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5. Dating someone when you live alone is amazing

No matter how tolerant and liberal your roommate may be, it always feels uncomfortable when you want to invite a guy. Living alone delivers you from awkward introductions and weird excuses.

You don’t need to clear the situation with your roommate or parents and witness strange gazes when your guy leaves you in the morning. When you have a strong long-lasting relationship with a boyfriend, you can even live together without thinking of someone else.

6. I started enjoying silence

Living alone is definitely about complete silence and plenty of me-time. I was disappointed and frightened with it at first, but gradually I adjusted to the situation and even liked it.

My quiet and peaceful house is such a lovely place to come to after a busy day and relax! Nobody can disturb me and when I need some talk I can just make a call. I still love going out and chatting with my friends, but I appreciate having a place where I can be alone.

7. Living alone helped me to understand my true self

The 20s is a period when we have to figure out the most important things in life: who we are, who we want to be and how we can do it. When I have nobody to influence my choices and deeds I reflect on my life. I have to make all decisions completely independently and I’am the only one responsible for the consequences.

8. Being alone and being lonely are not the same

I’ve been living alone for almost a year, but I never felt really lonely. Living alone was something I always wanted and needed and it was a deliberate act.

I’m constantly surrounded by nearest and dearest who help and support me. But living alone is my essential need while loneliness is something you don’t choose and want.

Sometimes living alone is hard, but I love the feeling of freedom and independence that it gives. Like everything in this world, living by yourself has both upsides and downsides and this is an extremely important choice in your life.

But sooner or later you’ll have to leave your parents’ house and face the new stage of your life. Don’t be afraid of it!

Have you ever lived alone?