10 Ways to Surprise Your Love on Valentine’s Day


Want to make your partner feel loved more than ever on Valentine’s Day? Tired of all those banal ideas? The great news is you have found these rad and romantic ideas that will make Valentine’s Day particularly special. The restaurants will be filled with couples celebrating their love or so-called love, so you and your significant other will definitely want to avoid those places. Your man will want something more than ordinary candy hearts, heart-shaped cookies and sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. I’m sure he will love any of the following ideas:

1. No technology for the day

Nowadays people cannot imagine their days without their phones and laptops. The Internet occupies more and more of our time, so it would be a great surprise for your man to see you without your gadgets. No Facebook. No Instagram. Ask your man to follow your example. There are plenty of lovely things to do together, are you sure you need the Internet in your life?

2. Front row seats with favorite snacks

Modern men are not big fans of romantic dinners and trips. One of the most shockingly surprising ways to wow your man on Valentine’s Day is to take him for a game of football, baseball, basketball, or whatever he loves. Grab his favorite snacks to make this day delicious.

3. Love letter in a heart-shaped cake

What can be more surprising than a handwritten love letter in a heart-shaped cake? Love letters are underrated and old-fashioned these days, but not for true lovers. Bake mini heart-shaped cakes and put a love letter in it.

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4. Love note in a wallet

If your partner does not love heart-shaped (or any) cakes, you can slip in a little love note saying ‘You are my soulmate forever’ or ‘You are one in a million,’ or a long love letter inside your man’s wallet. Imagine his face when he will find your surprise in his wallet.

5. Unexpected call

Call your significant other in the middle of the day or night and sing him his favorite song or read a love poem wishing him happy and fantastic Valentine’s Day. Whatever you do, make sure it is a really unexpected call.

6. Unexpected getaway

Typically, when couples decide on where to go on their vacation, men compromise and let women make a choice. Valentine’s Day is not for women only, it is for men too. If you know your partner’s favorite place he would like to visit, wow him with an unexpected romantic getaway. He will certainly appreciate your gift.

7. Full-length portrait

This Valentine’s Day gift requires time, effort and money, but trust me you will not regret it. First of all, this is a lifetime gift he will hopefully keep forever. Secondly, it is a personalized gift. Not every man receives a full-length portrait on Valentine’s Day or any other holiday. Get creative and create new memories with more unique gifts.

8. Passionate morning kiss

Wake your man up with a passionate kiss on Valentine’s Day. You have enough time to learn how to become a good kisser and surprise him with your awesome kissing techniques. Start learning and practicing today. This free but pleasurable gift will make him fall in love with you once again.

9. Mesmerizing meal

This idea is perfect for those ladies who have bad relationships with cooking and kitchen overall. If you have never cooked any meals for your significant other, try to make a few meals to surprise him on Valentine’s Day. Again, you have enough time to find and try different recipes and master some basic cooking skills.

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10. DIY spa day (or night)

If both of you are lucky to stay home on Valentine’s Day, why not relax a little bit? DIY spa day is a fabulous way to celebrate your love. Turn off your phones, light some candles and enjoy each other’s company all day long. If you or your partner, or both of you have super busy schedules, consider having DIY spa night. This sounds oh-so romantic!

Restaurants are not the only places where couples can celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are much more romantic ways to cherish your love and perhaps you have already chosen at least one idea from the list. What ideas would you like to try this year? If you have any other ideas, please share them with us. Let’s extend this list together.