7 Simple Ways to Be the Best Girlfriend


In order to build a stable and happy relationship with your partner, it is necessary to be an understanding and caring girlfriend. When you love someone, you can do everything possible to bring him joy and happiness. Though, sometimes your efforts are not successful, no matter how hard you try.

I would advise you not to forget about your dignity while trying to please the one you love. There is no need to fulfill all his desires, just make sure you use some of the following tips and you’ll become the best girlfriend for your guy.

1. Give Him Presents

Surely, it doesn’t mean you have to spend huge sums of money to purchase the most luxurious and expensive things for him. It would be a great pleasure for your boyfriend to receive a small gift from you that will fit his tastes even if this thing is not so costly.

For example, you can simply get a bar of his favorite chocolate and treat him when you meet. We all used to give presents to our close people only on special occasions, however, we should deviate from this rule and do something good without any reason.

2. Remember Important Things

If you really want to show your partner how much you love and appreciate him, be ready to remember all the things and events that are important to him. First of all, you have to keep in mind the most significant dates and anniversaries that concern your man’s life. However, some small things like his favorite color or the name of his childhood pet matter as well.

It will not be comfortable for you to ask him about these things every time you forget them. What to do if you don’t have a perfect memory? Then, you are to remember only the stuff that is of the greatest importance for your boyfriend.

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3. Be There Whenever He Needs

There can be some difficult moments in his life, so you must always be ready to answer your guy’s call even at late night and support him whatever happens. Don’t run away from his problems because your help and understanding are everything he needs and expects from you.

Give your sweetheart an opportunity to rely on you and he will never doubt your true love. Long-lasting relationships require some dedication and sacrifice. That is the main rule you should stick to.

4. Give Him Some Freedom

I know lots of girls who are too clingy and they can’t live even a minute without their lovers. Definitely, this addiction will not be healthy for both of you. Sooner or later it will result in misunderstandings and quarrels. It is quite natural that you and your guy need some independence and private space.

Your behavior is unreasonable when you don’t let him meet with his friends. Take it easy and have some time apart from each other. After that, your next date will be much more desirable.

5. Be Friendly to His Friends

Sometimes we don’t like our lovers’ friends or even their relatives and that disaffection may be the reason of numerous stressful situations in our life. Moreover, it may have a negative effect on our relationships. Therefore, you should learn to be tolerant with your close people and constantly express your respectful attitude to them.

Perhaps some of them don’t have a prestigious job or good education, but you shouldn’t focus on these weak sides of their life. Your guy loves these people and you are expected to do that either.

6. Avoid Insults

We can hardly find a couple who never criticize or make fun of each other, especially if their relationships last for a long time. There is nothing unusual and bad in such behavior, but make sure your words and actions don’t insult your partner.

Once you see he feels discomfort, stop your teasing. Try to set certain boundaries between making fun and being rude. Your jokes shouldn’t be abusive to the one you love.

7. Always Smile

I’m convinced you won’t be happy to have a boyfriend who is often serious and dissatisfied. Your sweetheart also wants to see the smile on your face. I think it’s not difficult to laugh when he says something funny to you. Encourage his attempts to have some fun and don’t be angry at him even if you have a bad mood.

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Maybe you will not become a perfect girlfriend, but you have all chances to improve your relationship with your partner by changing your attitude toward him. If you are persistent and try hard, you will be the best girlfriend ever.

How often do you do some pleasant things for your boyfriend? What are the most effective ways you use to make him happy?