7 Simple Things You Can Do to Make More Money


If you need money and you have the time, there are many interesting and easy things you can do to make a little extra cash. In a few cases, you don’t even need to make huge sacrifices to make money and many of these things won’t take much time and effort.

Check out the list of 7 things you can do to make more money. I’m sure most of you will find this post useful.

1. Advertising on your car

Advertising on the car is one of the funniest and my favorite ways to make extra cash. There are some companies who are willing to pay you money just to cover your car with ads.

This way you can earn about $400- $900 per month. I think it’s a great thing to do to increase your income. So, are you ready to turn your beloved car into a rolling billboard?

2. Make things to sell

If you are talented and creative and you need more cash, you could use your wonderful skills and make some original things and then sell them. If you like to knit, it’s great, because you can do it while watching TV and you can really earn some extra bucks.

Another great option is to make hemp jewelry and accessories. You can easily sell these items.

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3. A mystery shopper

One of the most awesome things to do to make more cash is to become a mystery shopper. Nowadays there are many market research companies who pay people to eat at certain restaurants or to shop at certain stores and report their experience.

You can make about $12-$25 per assignment and you’ll also receive free movie tickets, free meals, and other little things that you’re supposed to purchase from those shops.

4. Cancel your old subscriptions

If you don’t use those old memberships or subscriptions, cancel them. Take time to think about the things you don’t use or need and try to cut down on your expenses. Trust me, you can save lots of money simply by canceling all those memberships and subscriptions you don’t use or need anymore.

5. Sell things you don’t use

Every person has things they don’t need or use, and I’m sure you are no exception. Never throw things out, instead sell them to increase your income.

There’s always someone who is willing to pay a lot for the things you dislike. If you don’t want to sell your things, give them to people in need, but, please, don’t throw them out.

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6. Make money online

Make more money by just reading e-mails, doing some web searches, or completing different surveys. There are many websites where you can get a list of companies that offer these types of jobs.

However, do research first in order to make sure that they’re a legitimate website before signing up and doing your job. You should be sure that they will really pay you.

7. Become a freelancer

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to earn a lot of money these days. If you are good at translation, graphic design, writing, or other fields, find a trusted freelancing website and look for jobs you can do, such as writing press releases, making brochures, proofreading articles, translating business documents or books. You will need to create some samples of your work to show prospective employers.

Have you tried any of these things to make more money? Maybe you know some other things to do to earn extra cash? Share your ideas with us, please.