8 Simple and Effective Tips for Saving Gas


Having a private car is the most popular and widespread means of transportation in our busy world. Unfortunately, it is not that cheap to keep cars, and one of the main problems is gas. The prices for it grow rapidly so that it may harm your budget, especially when you have to drive much every day. That is why we have nothing to do but economize gas, and here are some tips on how to do it effectively.

1. Slow down

Driving at high speed is fun and extreme, but if you have a goal to save up gas – you`d better slow down. As you drop the speed for at least 10 kilometers per hour, you will reduce the fuel consumption to 8%, if 15 – 16%. But of course, you shouldn`t come to a snail`s pace, the minimum speed is fixed by the traffic laws and its violation, first of all, is dangerous for you, your passengers and the cars around you, and secondly, it is punishable.

2. Take care of the tires

Everything in your car is connected and affects each other. So my advice for you is to take care of the tires better. Retire it regularly, watch the tire pressure and then you will not only be spending less fuel but also reduce wear and tear of your car on the whole. Remember how difficult it is to ride a bike with deflated tires? The same is with your car.

3. Easier with the brakes

Braking abruptly is no good. You should be very careful with that and move evenly because driving jerkily damages your car and, of course, negatively affects gas consumption. To avoid this is very easy. Keep the right distance between you and the car in front, try to foresee the movement of other cars, and of course, be very attentive about what is going on on the road.

4. Check your air filter

If you have been thinking that replacing the air filter after each oil change is not necessary and skipping it, you should know that you should do it from now on. Having a new air filter can improve your gas mileage to 10%. You`d better consult a professional to know when the time has come to replace it. Sometimes, the guys at the service stations may just put the lug on you, so you can consult your competent friend or somebody you can trust.

5. Go straight

The weaving type of driving is both damaging to your car and dangerous for you. Of course, it may shorten the time to get to your destination point, but at the same time, it makes the mileage suffer. When you drive smoothly and safely, you decrease gas consumption which is actually our goal. So abandon the road rage and take about your car and yourself in the first place.

6. Make a good plan

You know that tomorrow will be a very busy day and you`ll need to go to so many places so that you`d better make a list or plan. On your way to work, you can run into a few shops, and it will be more convenient and closer than when you take your kids from school. Choose to go to the other end of the city, avoid rush hours, and take the roads with less road traffic, thus avoiding a stressful journey for you and your car.

7. Reduce the load

The more heavy things you keep in your car, the more gas it consumes. So look through all the things you have in the cabin and the trunk. I`m sure you`ll find many things which you don`t often need or don`t need at all so that they`d better be left at home. Why overfilling your car without a decent reason?

8. Let your car rest

Did it happen to you that you or your passenger had to run into a store or something really quickly, and you didn`t stop the engine? I think it is a common thing among busy drivers. You have to understand that you waste fuel. And it must be taken into consideration that sometimes a quick run into a shop takes you more time than you have expected. So you`d better stop the engine and go on your errand, not worrying about your engine working for no reason.

The gas prices are not likely to drop in the nearest future, so knowing how to economize may come in handy. These tips will help you make the most out of the gas you have in the tank and, of course, save some money. Do you have your personal tricks to save gas?