9 Most Common Causes of Stress That You Can Avoid


Being worried, frightened, strained or in a bad mood can be the cause of stress. Such things are widespread! Sooner or later we all are stressed and instead of doing nothing, people have to think about the consequences and try to overcome this tension as soon as possible. Very often our problems are the main reasons of stress that we can avoid. Below is the list of 9 most common causes of stress that you can easily avoid.

1. Being a worrier

When you are constantly thinking of in what way to pay the bills, be sure it will lead to stress. If you keep thinking and worrying about a particular thing, you will definitely have stress and it’s very difficult for such people to restrain themselves. Keep in mind, all will be fine at the end. Later, you will forget that there was something disturbing your sleep.

2. Negative thoughts

Do you often think in a negative way? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? It’s bad to think always negatively, for example, I do not have any money or I am not able to get a better job. All these thoughts will surely lead to stress. Scientists proved that negative thinkers have 77% higher risk of heart disease than positive ones. Remember about it.

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3. Bad relationships

I agree that no one should be alone and everybody has to be sure they are doing a right thing before beginning any serious relationship. Sometimes being lonely is better since it doesn’t stress you. You can only imagine how many problems you would have and how strained would be having serious relationship.

4. Hunger strikes

This reason is one of the most widespread. Everyone will agree that they can easily become a little nervous and irritated when hungry. In order to prevent such situation, always eat at home before going somewhere. One more option is to have some fruit, goddies or a bar of chocolate in your bag, if you suddenly get hungry.

5. Anger

This is not an average anger which leads to stress. It’s the anger that is overwhelming you and hides inside, making you really furious. Very often such things as I have just missed the train or I have forgotten my lunchbag at home can stress you out.

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6. Resentment

Undoubtedly, resentments are the main stressors. If you can not let something go it will surely lead to stress. Keep this in mind, and very likely the reason of your bad mood is not reflected on another person. That’s why, think positively, solve your problems and enjoy the life.

7. Working in a job you hate

It’s a common thing to be stressed while working, even when you like your job. You will ruin yourself if you work in a job you hate, and very often it causes stress and feeling miserable. Try to please yourself a little and do what you enjoy; put all your efforts to get such a job.

8. Childhood troubles

Make sure you have got rid of all unpleasant memories, which stress you out and disturb all the time. Sometimes you do not pay enough attention to this and can not understand the real reason of your tension. Everything such as smells, songs, places, or people can bring back all those hard times. You have to be strong in order to learn how to overcome this, maybe going through some of the memories again will help you to feel better at the end.

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9. Loneliness

Loneliness is a very popular cause of stress. There are people who can be lonely for longer period than other ones, somebody loves being alone, while someone can not even think of it. People usually enjoy a company, a close person beside them. We can compare ourselves with a pack of wolves, which always cling together. Human beings should live in a ‘tribe’ to avoid hazard – like they say ‘safety in a quantity’. Feeling low and being lonely are perfect stress factors.

I hope these tips will help you to see your causes of stress (if you have any) and help you to take actions to overcome them. Do you consider yourself to be a stressful personality or an easy-going one?