Simple and Effective Technique for Hiccups


Hiccups are not only embarrassing and uncomfortable, they can be downright annoying. This article will reveal an incredible cure that is practically unheard of and normally only passed on through word of mouth.
The better known solutions for an episode of hiccups are usually messy, painful or publicly embarrassing and most of them never seem to work. This simple technique is discreet and the only requirement is having someone to lend a hand, or hands.

Simple Technique for Hiccups

  1. Stand facing the other person, inhale slowly and hold your breath.
  2. Have the other person place their hands on your shoulders. They should then push down hard and maintain this downward pressure.
  3. As they press down, you need to exhale slowly through your mouth. Keep inhaling slowly through your nose and exhaling through the mouth, almost with a slight blowing action.
  4. Continue this until you feel that the hiccups have passed. Remember that the other person should keep a continuous downward pressure on your shoulders until you feel that your hiccups have gone.

The whole procedure normally takes around 20-30 seconds. If you find that your hiccups immediately return once you stop the breathing exercise and the pressure was released from your shoulders, the procedure was probably ended prematurely.

If this is the case, simply repeat the whole process again but make sure that the hiccups have definitely passed this time.

The Power of Healing Hands

The cure is as simple as that. No cold key down the back or trying to drink upside down and no need to have someone to frighten you. To a passing observer, this will look quite casual, like a friend placing reassuring hands on another friends shoulder.

You will be hiccup-free and probably stunned that this actually worked. Feel free to pass this technique on and amaze your friends!