7 Reasons Your Hair Is Falling Out


We all have some stressors and frustration from time to time, and they affect our organism. So, if you feel yourself not so good, the first you must do is to reconstruct your health carrying. One of the worst things you get in this way is losing your hair.

Unfortunately, this is a very popular thing among women, and they learn how to either accept or protect this. I want to tell you about some causes of losing hair, and you have to understand what you do in the wrong way. Maybe, you have some chances to change the situation.

1. Losing weight

A lot of women choose some really hard diets and after all, have more problems than they have ever had. So, if you want to lose a lot of weight, this is only your choice, but, please, think about how this method will affect your body in general. Sure, you will lose weight, but is it really so expensive for your health?

2. Chemicals

Obviously, each chemical action is not good for your hair. Especially the “Chemicals”. So, you must know that this thing anyway blocks your hair follicles, no matter how and where you use it either at some salon or at home by yourself. Love your hair in a natural way, and they will pay you the same.

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3. What about your hair care?

Your main assistant in this situation obviously is the way you are caring for the hair. Sure, you have to go to a professional to get the right protection. There are a lot of types of hair care and you can choose something certainly for you.

But usually, the best helpers here are cortisone and some green tea masks. Cortisone is a cream that is applied to your scalp and provokes hair growth. The second method is based on the fact that there are a lot of antioxidants inside the tea leaves. So, it really works.

4. It is inherited

The first you must do, if you feel that you have less hair than earlier, is going to your dermatologist. You should understand, there is your fault or your family’s genes affect your own hair. If the second fact is your situation, it will be really hard to protect your hair.

A dermatologist will decide, may some working with blood in your head help you to improve your hair, or this is hereditary? It sounds really scary, but doctors must resort to a biopsy of your scalp to see how it works.

5. Hormone troubles

We all know that our hormones’ situation can affect the hair. So if you got pregnant or decided to use some very hard diet, be ready for the worst changes with your hair.

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6. Too much stress

There is some diagnosis that is called telogen effluvium and the main reason for it is a lot of stressful situations. It’s a really popular thing when you get nervous a lot and don’t notice that your organism is screaming about help. And when you realize it, it can be too late.

So don’t let your hair begin to shed in a quicker way. Remember that your health is more important than anything around you.

7. Some hairstyles

Even if you don’t do something extraordinary with your hair it can affect it in the wrong way. I understand that you want to follow some fashion streams, but be sure that your wishes are not over your hair potential, and its follicles are not irritated.

Don’t be shy, if you feel that you have not had enough hair. Try to take notice of your hair situation, but don’t ruin it by excessive caring. Analyze your living through these factors and identify which of them is about you. So, what do think? How do you save and protect your hair?