7 Reasons Not to Worry about the Future


We all think over and plan our future and it can`t be otherwise. But now I`m going to present you some persuasive reasons why you shouldn`t worry about it so much. You are to have a long-term plan of your life, some general idea of what you want to reach. But in no case, you are to live in the future forgetting about present days that will never be returned. So don`t get obsessed with what will happen to you in a week or two years and I`ll tell you why.

1. No time like the present!

Though it might sound trite that is very wise advice to follow. Every single moment of the present is unique and probably won`t happen to you again. That`s why we are to enjoy what we have now and be enormously happy to have that.

Being content with your present is rather difficult. Due to our natural desire to want everything better than it is we lose too many precious moments. So don`t repeat the mistake.

2. World will change

Not only we are who change continually but also the world around us is always in progress. Society changes, technology develops and the job market demands different professions.

You can`t predict whether your profession will be in demand as you graduate. This is not a pleasant thing for applicants as they are to make a choice for life. So the only thing we can do is to accept it and live on enjoying every possibility life gives us.

3. You`ll change

As you grow older and mature your desires, plans, and outlook on life continuously change. Your wishes when a student might not coincide with ones you cherish when a graduate. And this is how it should be.

You learn a lot of new information, get new skills and experience, try a lot of things and you choose what suits you best. Very often graduates get a job that is non-connected with the specialty they received at the university. So don`t worry much your destiny has prepared many surprises for you.

4. No need to worry

What do we want in life most of all? A happy family and a good job. I should say that worrying about these things is pointless. Every person gets it inevitably, sooner or later.

All you can do is wait and don’t give way to despair. A good idea to distract yourself is to make efforts to improve yourself, get new skills. It will be useful for you anyway as you might find a better job and your second half will be head over heels in love with you.

5. Full of surprises

Your life has prepared a lot of challenges and surprises for you whether positive or negative. Either way, any small event may turn your life upside down. Your plans for the future will be no longer good as you reappraise old life values and change your priorities. Remember that whatever happens is all for the better and you have enough strength to go through it.

6. No one knows

If you are haunted by the idea that you are the only one who hasn`t yet decided what to do in life, abandon this thought right now. You are not the one, everybody around you hesitates but they just try not to show it. Take your time and make a well-thought choice and don`t get very upset if you will suddenly decide to change it. That`s how we find our place in this enormous crazy world.

7. Too much stress

Being deep in thoughts planning your ideal future is rather a stressful activity. And as you know too much stress is harmful to your health, both physical and mental. You can get into a deep depression in no time, especially if your expectations are not yet fulfilled. Our future is something we can`t control entirely.

I tried my best to persuade you. I hope I succeeded. It is important to have a plan and some expectations for the future, but don`t forget that we live right now and right here. What must happen, will happen, so don`t give yourself too much stress about it. Do you agree with me?