7 Reasons I Always Buy Organic Coffee and Why You Should Too


I’m a big coffee drinker and I can’t even imagine my morning without a cup of coffee. Since all those fun artificially flavored and other non-organic coffees are bad for my health, I always drink organic coffee. Here are a few reasons I always buy organic coffee and why you should too.

1. No pesticides and herbicides

If you drink conventional coffee, you might be drinking pesticides and herbicides with your coffee. The thing is that all non-organic beans are sprayed with plenty of pesticides and herbicides.

Moreover, coffee beans are one of the most heavily sprayed agricultural crops. That’s why I always buy organic coffee!

2. No chemicals

Perhaps you know that conventional coffee beans contain a lot of chemicals so you are getting in a dose of ammonia-washed and chlorine-washed coffee beans with your morning coffee! And organic coffee beans are never treated with chemicals.

3. Beans are not cheap

Nowadays almost all coffee beans that are produced by the popular brands include cheap beans, well-known as not quality-tasting beans, obusta beans that include Arabica beans. All organic coffees contain only the best beans, so you are never left with cheap beans in your cup!

4. Tastes incredibly better

Although many people say that conventional coffee tastes better, I think organic coffee tasted much better than conventional one after I ultimately made the switch. In my opinion, the taste is somehow purer and offers a good depth that the other brands don’t.

5. The cost is not terribly high

I know organic coffee is a little more expensive than conventional coffee, but it isn’t terribly high. Sometimes I buy less expensive organic brands, and usually local brand options that taste really good. This is another reason I always buy organic coffee and recommend you buy it too!

6. Safer for the environment

The land in countries where organic coffee is grown is much safer for people and animals living there. You can opt for buying organic, Fair-Trade coffee that ensures healthy and sustainable living conditions, as well as proper pay and an economic growth for coffee growers.

7. Helps coffee growers

Coffee growers who grow organic coffee are not exposed to the toxic pesticides and harsh chemicals that conventional coffee growers are. So their health is much better as well as their quality of living. It’s so great to know that with every sip, you are helping someone to be healthy!

Organic coffee contains more antioxidants than conventional coffee, and that’s another reason why I always drink organic coffee! Do you buy organic or non-organic coffee? Share your thoughts, please!