7 Best Model Makeup Tricks


It’s not so difficult to create a dramatic model look at home. You just need a few pointers to get you started.

These model makeup tricks aren’t unrealistic, hard or expensive. They can be used every day, so you can get more compliments on your makeup by using them. Check out a few best model makeup tricks.

1. Use concealer on your eyelids

Models know how to use concealer properly. Concealer is a great weapon not only against dark circles, but it also can help you keep your eye shadow in place.

Apply concealer on your eyelids to help your eye shadow stay intact, and use it above your lips and under your nose to take away lines and shadows. Apply your powder over concealer as usual.

2. Create a crease

One of the keys to making your eyes look more natural and larger is to use a light colored base like beige or light pink, and then apply a darker eye shadow shades, just in the crease of your eye. Make sure you use colors which complement your skin tone and blend well together.

3. Use eyeliner

Never go without eyeliner. Good eyeliner will make your eyes really pop, and help to create a bigger eye look. However, don’t use it too much!

Make sure you use a good brand such as Maybelline or CoverGirl. I usually apply a gel stick first, and then apply liquid eyeliner over it.

Apply eyeliner starting at the inside corner of your top eyelash line, and then go out to the edges of your eye. This will make your eyes stand out without looking too dramatic or too contrived.

4. Use good mascara

When I was learning how to do my makeup like a model, I was told to use 2-3 coats of good brand mascara in jet black. If you use a few coats of good mascara it will make you look like you have fake lashes on.

5. Use bronzer

Using bronzer in the right spots can create contouring and dramatic, sexy side profile. Apply it on your cheekbones and just a little bit on your nose and your forehead. However, make sure you don’t cake your bronzer on, otherwise you will create a fake look and unappealing skin tone.

6. Use a highlighting powder

If you want to create a really beautiful look, apply a highlighting powder before you use a bronzer or a powder. It will really help your skin to pop and will create a natural glow to your skin. It can also make a great eye shadow base.

7. Use natural lipstick

The key to getting a model makeup look is to use only natural colors. Forget about unnatural hues and bright reds. Go for light pink or peachy shades that have natural shine.

Apply a natural color lipstick and then use a peachy or natural pink lip gloss over it. Choose only good brands that contain only natural ingredients and don’t dry your lips out.

Do you know any other model makeup tricks? Share your thoughts, please!