Lightning Brows Are Going to Be a Thing This Holiday Season


Feathered brows. Spiked brows. Squiggly brows. What’s next? Turns out, you cannot stop the bolt of inspiration coming through Instagram of late. And that next fad just happens to be one of the most striking yet. Yes, that is right.

Whether you are part of the anti-crazy brow group, or you are enjoying this storm of craziness, you should know that lightning brows are causing quite the stir.

The first person to present their bolt brows was the talented makeup artist Zakia Wahbi (@shinybeautiz on Instagram). The brows were accompanied with matching black lightning bolt eyeliner and a shimmery orange eyeshadow.

How did she do it? Wahbi says that in order to shape her eyebrows into a lightning bolt, she used Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brow pomade in “dark brown” and Fenty Beauty’s “trophy wife” highlighter on her eyelid.

A lot of people are either loving or hating the look, which is to be expected. However, Wahbi has sparked the creativity of other makeup artists throughout Instagram, like @nyotamua and @veronikajane, who put a spin on the lightening brow and looks totally fierce.

So another crazy brow trend to come this year! What other brow tends does 2017 have in store for us? Whether you think the lightening brow is totally extra or a wonderful homage to David Bowie, you can’t deny that these bold makeup looks are testing the boundaries of “beauty.” Plus, it is giving people something to talk about that doesn’t involve politics.

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While you probably will not be rocking lightening bolt brows and fiery orange, there is nothing stopping you from incorporating this brow trend into your Halloween costume or Christmas look. The holiday season is all about trying new looks.