Less Known Facts about McDonald’s


The two yellow arches standing on a red background have turned from the mere logo of a fast food chain to the best known symbol in the world. We see them almost everywhere throughout the world and the vast majority of people know what they stand for. We may not be aware of the colors and symbols featuring the flag of the country we are traveling to, but we certainly recognize the McDonald’s logo when we see it in the streets, hanging on buildings’ facades or inside shopping malls.

Whether you are fan of their Big Mac, or you go to the local McDonald’s to treat your kids to a Happy Meal, it is not important. The menu served on a daily basis in the global fast food network’s branches holds no secrets for anyone. However, when you dig deeper in the company’s history, there are some interesting “nuggets” to discover.

Facts and figures

A symbol of globalization, McDonald’s is also the major player within the fast food industry and an important revenue earner of the American economy. Serving nearly 70 million customers on a daily basis and selling about 80 hamburgers each second in their 34.000 outlets located in 119 countries throughout the world, McDonald’s registered a ROI of 26% last year alone.

The Queen of England and McDonald’s

If you are looking for investment opportunities, buying McDonald’s shares would be a good option especially that you would be in a very good company. The Queen of England is one of the franchisers. Her impressive real estate portfolio includes a Mc Donald’s restaurant located in the Buckingham Palace’s close proximity. So, if you are traveling to London anytime soon, have a hamburger break. You will feel like the Queen’s guest. However, you will have to pay for the treat.

McDonald’s is everywhere

There is no doubt their logo is better known than the Christian cross. Yes, this was the result of a survey conducted by Sponsorship Research International. McDonald’s is everywhere. Well, almost as they haven’t opened a branch in Antarctica yet, but they might be studying the Eskimos’ culinary tastes at the moment.

Whether you are out for a stroll, or in the middle of a shopping spree, there is always a McDonald’s restaurant where to stop for a muffin, a milk shake, a pie or a coffee. When traveling by car, you have the drive-in McDonald’s. Did you know that the first ski-through outlet was opened as early as 1996 in Sweden? The idea was later copied by Starbucks and they might be more successful, but the giant hamburger producer deserves the credit for the idea.

Global and local at the same time

The wide spread fast food network is one of the globalization’s pioneers. Not only have they conquered the world from a geographical point of view, but they have managed to adapt their apparently simple menu to each country’s local flavors. Their classic hamburger became McPork in Japan, McKebab in Israel, McMollet in Mexico, McSamurai in Thailand, McKroket in the Netherlands, McSausage Burger in Germany, where different amendments were brought to the original recipe.

The Big Mac turned into Maharaja Mac in India, where religious beliefs do not allow beef consumption. Do you like their pies or you are not into sweets so much? Anyway, the Bacon – Potato Pie they serve in Japan is worth a try. With a McCurry Pan in India, a Gazpacho Soup in Spain or a McPinto in Costa Rica, you can safely travel the world. There will always be something new to taste in the same familiar environment. Oh, and if you want to have a McWedding, it can be arranged. They are already doing it in Hong Kong.