6 Fun Kid-Friendly Fall Activities


There are lots of people who consider autumn to be a gloomy season with cool and rainy weather. That is the main reason for them to stay at home instead of going out and enjoying magnificent autumn views that are just around the corner.

In my opinion, there is something beautiful and mysterious in every season. With its golden leaves, fresh air, and bountiful harvests, autumn is the perfect time for me to admire nature’s beauty and have unforgettable outdoor adventures. So, why not involve your little ones in funny and entertaining activities this fall?

I always try to spend a wonderful time with my daughter during the fall months before the weather starts getting colder. It has become our family tradition to celebrate the arrival of autumn by heading outside with my little daughter and inventing various fun fall activities.

If you don’t know what to do with your loved ones this autumn, I would recommend you try the following amusements that will encourage your kids to explore nature, keep them active and bring pleasure to the whole family.

1. Go for a Walk

Autumn is an excellent season to go outside with your kids and have a fantastic walk observing marvelous natural landscapes around you. It’s a simple way to expose your children to nature and help them discover magical autumn changes. All you need is to go to the local park and have fun with your family.

Fortunately, there is a gorgeous nature preserve not far from our home, and I have a great opportunity to hike with my daughter through its wooded area, get closer to nature, and experience its picturesque sights with wildlife and colorful foliage. During our walks, I try to focus my daughter’s attention on beautiful things like numerous plants, birds, insects, and other natural wonders. We love to collect pinecones, leaves, acorns, and other things that can be used for different autumn crafts.

2. Make Bird Feeders

Feeding birds is a splendid way to bring your children closer to the wildlife and assist them to be more observant as they will learn to distinguish different types of birds that come to eat food in your backyard. Plus, this activity will provide a memorable time for your family.

That’s why making bird feeders is one of the major things I will do with my child this fall. First of all, it is straightforward to make bird feeders since you don’t need to buy any materials for that, and there are plenty of household items, such as plastic milk containers or terra cotta saucers, that will come in handy.

When I was a child, we always had an enjoyable time with my father and brother assembling bird feeders and decorating them with plastic buttons, glass beads, and various bright objects. This year we’re going to place the saucer feeders, which my daughter painted with acrylics, on the patio table to welcome birds and squirrels for a quick snack.

3. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Undoubtedly, fall is a unique season as it brings us a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and other tasty foods that we can find at a farmer’s market. Now it’s high time to look for the one near you and go there with your kids. At such places, you’ll be offered a rich harvest of local produce.

Last year my family visited one of the farmer’s markets in our district. I was amazed by the enormous choice of delicious pumpkins, cabbages, turnips, potatoes, squashes, and baked apples, which we could see at that place.

Moreover, it was an incredible pleasure for my daughter to pick out those yummy autumn foods. In addition, there are some markets that organize interesting outdoor entertainment for kids. Surely, a family day spent at the farmer’s market will fill your kids up with a splash of positive emotions.

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4. Cook Delicious Fall Harvest Foods

After visiting a farmer’s market, you’ll definitely get plenty of autumn fruits and vegetables, which you can cook with your child. It can be a pleasurable and fun family activity that will help you feel the warm autumn atmosphere in your home. Harvest time is a wonderful chance to make delicious and comforting foods using only organic and healthy ingredients.

Every fall season, I cook numerous pumpkin dishes, vegetable soups, and puree for my family. This year I’d like to involve my daughter in making her favorite desserts like pumpkin and apple pies that we will savor with a cup of hot cocoa or tea. All this will fill our home with the yummy smells of fall foods, making us feel comfortable and happy.

5. Rake Leaves in the Backyard

This useful activity will enable you to complete one of your chores and entertain your kids at the same time. At this period of the year, the trees change colors, shedding their leaves over our property, and it is necessary to clean our backyard and garden from all that autumn foliage.

Why not turn fall yard work into fun? With my family, it is one of the most adorable activities that bring joy to my little daughter, my husband, and me as well.

Let your kids go outside and help you rake the leaves into the piles. We generally make a huge pile of fallen leaves in our backyard and fall back onto it to our hearts’ content. My daughter also likes to play a game of hiding and seek to hide within the piles.

There are so many other ways to use crunchy leaves for playing. For example, you can have leaf fights or throw them up into the air. Everything you need is to be imaginative and take your camera to get fun pictures with kids.

6. Have a Bonfire

I think having a bonfire at night is another pleasant thing we can do with our kids in autumn. It’s so great and exciting when the whole family gets together around a fire, telling interesting stories, roasting sausages and fall veggies.

Furthermore, fall crisp air will promote better sleep for your little ones. I’m looking forward to the night when we cozy up together around a bonfire!

These are my favorite kid-friendly fall activities that I use to amuse and educate my child this season. Certainly, several other healthy and enjoyable things can be done within your family.

Choose a few special activities that you will do with your children and make them your autumn tradition. You should stick to the only rule to stay creative, get outside, and move as much as possible. Don’t forget to take some photos to provide you with happy memories for many years to come.

How do you usually spend warm autumn days with your kids? What activities do they like most of all?