Hottest Trends in Navel Jewelry


The right piece of navel jewelry can accent your new pierced navel and the hard work you’ve done on your flat stomach. Body modification and adornment has never been more fashionable and a slick new navel ring is a very popular accessory among young women across the globe. Whether you’re looking for a subtle touch of sparkle or color or an eye catching piece of artwork to wear on your stomach, there’s bound to be the perfect navel ring out there waiting for you.

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In terms of cost a navel ring is one the least expensive ways to show off your figure. A top of the line, high end belly ring covered in clear diamonds can cost as much as $140. However, most consumers looking for a new navel ornament will spend between $15 and $30 depending on the style, size and quality ring they choose.

The most common materials for current navel jewelry settings are 14K gold or sterling silver. Sterling silver is preferred by most consumers looking for gorgeous navel rings on a budget. The higher cost of going with gold is made up for by the sturdiness and beauty of the piece. It is important to remember that, as with most things, you will get what you pay for when choosing a navel ring. Be sure to keep that in mind before getting excited about the $5 steal on navel rings. Those surprisingly cheap navel rings may break easily or cause skin irritation.

Top-down or reversed ring

One of the hottest trends in navel rings is a top-down, or reversed, ring. The use of this style of barbell stud allows the wearer to have an ornate charm or stone grouping above their navel instead of dangling below. Chinese characters, tribal symbols and butterflies are the most popular charms in this style. The timeless gemstone stud or cluster is still making its mark with this design.

Flashing, glowing and color changing navel rings

The club scene has brought another trend to the navel jewelry market. Flashing, glowing and color changing navel rings have become increasingly popular. There is a wide variety of lighted belly rings to choose from both in stores and online; from a simple red flashing light suspended bellow your navel on a sterling silver barbell to an inch wide Kooshball that sits right in front of your belly button with color changing lights inside. While this style of navel jewelry isn’t suited for the office or running errands they can be a fun addition to your sexy, night on the town outfit.


Customization makes any piece of jewelry one of a kind and special and navel rings are no different. With the advent of the internet, artists you may never have known have their unique, handmade and often customizable navel jewelry available to order. Your navel ring’s charm can be just about anything you can think of. Your name, favorite handbag or even cartoon character are fair game. These singular pieces may cost more than navel ring that isn’t personalized but they’re sure to stand out in a crowd.

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Bright colors

Bright colors are an excellent way to strut your stuff in your new midriff top. Acrylic and blown glass navel jewelry is available in a rainbow of colors. Any hue or tint you can think of can be found at a reasonable price. These neon navel rings are usually formed into a simple ball that is worn on a barbell or hoop.