The Benefits of Bleaching Your Teeth


Smile and the world smiles with you, but what if your smile is not as white and bright as it once was? As we age our teeth become discolored over time due to a myriad of things; smoking, drinking certain beverages, medications, even our genetic predisposition, all play major parts in turning our teeth yellow and making them stained. What’s a person to do if they want to recapture the beautiful smile they once had?

Toothpaste vs Toothbleach

Realistically, tooth whitening toothpastes aren’t able to penetrate the tooth enamel to the point where it makes a visible difference. Even though there’s been some controversy over its use, one of the safest ways to get your teeth gleaming white is to professionally bleach them. Buying over the counter formulations won’t always get you the results you want, because the tooth trays they come with aren’t fitted to your particular teeth. The chance for uneven bleaching is very high when using these trays. Crest White Strips are somewhat better, but you still can’t get the results that come from using a tray molded to your own unique teeth.

For maximum benefits it’s best to have your dentist’s office fit you for customized tooth trays, which will come with tooth bleach. The percentage the dentist’s office uses is typically 35%, which might be too strong for you. It’s best to start bleaching every other day, as opposed to every day, when using higher concentrations. This will save your teeth and gums from becoming too sensitive. There is also the possibility of burning your gums when using a higher percentage, so sticking with a percentage between 15%-20% might be a better option for you.

Professional tooth bleaching kits

Ask your dental professional if it’s possible to start with a lower percentage. The price of professional tooth bleaching kits varies, but expect to spend between $250-$400 for a kit with trays you fill with bleach and wear for several hours a day for one to two weeks. There are also formulations you wear overnight while you’re sleeping, but the bleach used is usually a higher percentage and again your gums might be sensitive to the stronger bleach and the fact you’ll be wearing it for a longer time span.

Once you run out of the initial supply you bought from your dentist’s office, there are a number of online websites that sell the same tooth bleaching brands your dentist uses at a discounted price. To maintain your newly improved white choppers it’s best to bleach a few times a year. Avoiding or cutting down on the things that caused your teeth to be stained in the first place will help you maintain your results longer.

We’re all going to age and that’s just a part of life. By taking steps to improve your smile, you don’t have to show you’re getting older. You owe it to yourself to get back the dazzling white smile you once had. You’ll find yourself smiling more when you aren’t ashamed at what time has done to you.