7 Great Ways to Spread Happiness around You


Even if you live a good life, it is still difficult! There are so many problems in life from making the best of your studies, standing out at work to get promotion, buying house and fighting debt to bringing up your children and give them a good education. Brighten up the world with these great ways to spread happiness around you.

1. Be happy

If you want to spread happiness around you, first of all you have to be happy! Happiness is contagious, spreading among your siblings, friends, spouses, and neighbors like the flu!

When you have a sunny disposition you make people around you happy. Enjoy your life, be kind to yourself and do the things you like and spread happiness around you.

2. Smile

Sharing a smile is another great way to spread happiness around you. Plus, with those muscles you use when you smile it’s a perfect workout for your face and your soul.

Everybody has things that make them smile. Try to find joy even in the simplest things and get people around you to enjoy them too.

3. Be polite

Today there are many people who are angry with life. They’ve forgotten the simple etiquette of treating other people decently. From the way we push in queues to the way we drive, we often forget our manners.

Spread happiness around you by being polite. It doesn’t take too much effort to say please and thank you, hold the door open for someone, and show a little consideration and appreciation.

4. Give somebody a surprise

Who doesn’t like good surprises? Give your mom flowers or choose some small treat for your best friend. If you don’t have money to buy flowers or other small gifts, genuine compliments, kind words and hugs can also make a huge difference to someone’s day.

5. Pass on your knowledge and your skills

Everyone can benefit from a little learning. Passing on your knowledge and your skills is a really easy way to spread happiness around you.

Help out your parents, spouse or co-workers. Give free Spanish lessons to your neighbor’s children or teach someone how to use a computer well.

6. Spread positive words and thoughts

Spreading positive words and thoughts is much better than gossiping that has the capacity to be untrue and hurtful. Share your positive words and thoughts with people around you and make sure your thoughts become seeds of happiness, but not sadness.

7. Be a hero not a zero

There are a lot of things to do to be a hero not a zero. Everything from learning first aid to help someone who has collapsed, working late to help your co-worker meet a deadline to holding doors open for someone will help you spread happiness around you. I often buy food for homeless people and animals and when I see their happy faces I feel happy too!

How do you spread happiness around you? Share your thoughs, please!