7 Great Reasons I Can’t Wait for Fall


I’m a big lover of the summer season and I don’t want the warm days to get away from us too fast, but when I think about fall, there are so many amazing things to do this time of year! I don’t understand people who become depressed during the fall. I just don’t see any reasons for depression! I love fall and here are my reasons why I can’t wait for it!

1. Changing color of the leaves

One of the biggest reasons I can’t wait for fall is the changing leaves. I love those bright colors! Oranges, yellows, purples, and reds are like a rainbow dancing on the trees. Go for a walk in the park and gather some beautiful leaves! Fall is an amazing season!

2. Fresh fruits and veggies

All we know that with the fall comes the harvest season and since I’m a huge lover of fresh fruits and veggies, I’m starting to get a bit of craving for the fall season. Fresh squash, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkins, apples… the list is endless! My dinners (and not only dinners!) are always brimming with fresh veggies, and I just like it!

3. Halloween

I’m sure many people love Halloween and I’m no exception! Although I’m a grown woman, Halloween is still one of my absolute favorite holidays. What can be more fun than dressing up, eating candy and acting silly? No worries, no stress, only good company and a lot of fun!

4. Picking pumpkins

As I mentioned above, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So, it’s just fitting that pumpkin picking is something else I like to do. There is something so wonderful about looking through a field of bright, orange pumpkins until you find those perfect ones. I think I love pumpkin picking even more than my kids do!

5. Crispness in the air

Sure, I absolutely like those warm and even hot days of the summer when I can go out with just a pair of flips flops or even no shoes on. But I also enjoy the crisp fall air. I think it is so welcomed after those hot summer days.

6. Harvest festivals

There are many different festivals during the fall season, which offer a lot of fun for all ages. They are filled with great food and amazing activities. In the fall, there’s a harvest festival almost every week where I live. Fresh apple cider, a wagon ride, and lively music, tell me what can be better?

7. Decorating

I love to decorate and with the fall season comes plenty of reasons to decorate. I begin in September with the harvest decorations, such as bowls full of tasty apples, gourds and hay bails. In October, I pull out my Halloween decorations and turn my home into a friendly-haunted house complete with spider webs, ghosts, black roses, potion bottles and bloody gauze. For Thanksgiving Day, I make my house even cozier with carved wood pumpkins, orange and red lights wrapped around garlands of fall leaves and orange and brown linens.

I do love the fall and I can’t wait for it! And you? What are your favorite things to do in the fall season? Please comment below and thanks for reading!