11 Practical First Kiss Tips


Such a quivering, extraordinarily touching, and still quite a timid touch of lips to the lips of the dearest and beloved man. This is a touch that, in reality, every woman remembers for the rest of her life. A first kiss can be exciting and nerve-wracking when you have never kissed anyone. Whatever it is – unexpected, impetuous, awkward, timid – it is always the best and remains in memory for a lifetime.

Before the first kiss, there are usually a lot of questions, such as how to initiate it, what to do in the process, and how good you are at it. Follow our first kiss tips to be aware.

1. Prepare Mentally for your First Kiss

It is normal to be nervous before such an important event. However, if the nerves are heating up to severe dizziness, nausea, and panic, it’s time to work with it. Let the center of everything be pleasant anticipation, romance, and not panic fear.

If you prepare a little for the first kiss (read on to know how to do it), be sure you have nothing to worry about because the ability to kiss is already embedded in the brain thanks to the viewing of romantic scenes from movies, watching couples kissing in reality, and nature.

2. Make Sure it’s the Right Place

To reduce social awkwardness, it is better to kiss a loved one in some secluded place where no one can interfere. Forgo going to the movies or other social events instead of watching a movie at home, having an outdoor picnic, or any additional opportunity for the two of you.

If you plan to have your first kiss at home, remember the room should be clean and tidy, and the decor and smell should set the appropriate mood if you know in advance that, perhaps on this particular day, you will kiss the object of sympathy.

3. Choose the Most Suitable Time

Don’t worry too much. Most likely, you will intuitively understand when the right moment comes. If, during a date, you showed interest in a person and were looking for reciprocal sympathy, pick up a convenient moment for your first kiss towards the end of the meeting.

Usually, if a person is going to kiss his date during a date, he does it at the end. This one of the most useful dating tips is essential if this is the first date. Then, if you tried to get to know each other all this time, it would no longer be like a kiss with a stranger. In addition, they usually kiss goodbye.

4. Relax

One of the most well-known first kiss tips is to relax for a fantastic first kiss. Do not let your fears ruin your first kiss. You will not fail if your partner is a good kisser. If he is not, it is okay to fail because you two have no idea how to kiss.

Stressing over the first kiss will not bring the expected results. It’s better to talk about something in general or make a joke – this will defuse the atmosphere. Another easiest first kiss tip to relax is to imagine the two of you. The right attitude will help you drive away all your fears, and you will be psychologically ready for a kiss. Think about your partner and let your lips do the job for you.

5. Clean Yourself Up

In fact, this is one of the most obvious practical first kiss tips. If you have a premonition of the first contact, make an effort to smell and look your best because at the moment of the first kiss, you need to look perfect.

Add a subtle, pleasant aroma and refresh makeup. You should take a minute and check if the mascara or foundation is smeared. Try not to use too much lipstick or gloss, so your partner doesn’t have to taste it during your date.

To make you smell sweat, you can take chewing gum or suck sweets with a pleasant aroma – mint, barberry, lemon, for example. Also, it is better to forget about cigarettes or alcohol, as the smell of tobacco and alcohol spoils your first kiss.

6. Make Sure your Lips are Kissable

Chances are, your boyfriend will not want to kiss your dry, cracked lips. Therefore, one of the best practical first kiss tips is to use a special balm or hygienic lipstick so that your lips are not dry. In addition, they add a pleasant smell.

Avoid wearing red lipstick or, worse, lip gloss. It will scare your boyfriend away. While red lipstick can make you look confident, it is not the best shade for a first kiss.

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7. Read his Body Language

The two of you must want that kiss. Reading his body language and letting him make the first step are another helpful first kiss tips. The richness of body language is in no way inferior to the richness of our speech. When you are new to kissing, making that first step might be a mistake. If he wants to avoid kissing, wait until the right time. On the contrary, when your boyfriend can be excited, agitated, frustrated, annoyed, or carried away, his body gives specific signals to you.

If a man is interested in you, it will be immediately noticeable in his facial expressions, gestures, and body movement. For example, he reaches out to you with his body, touches his hair, looks at your lips, and tries to touch you. Consider this useful first kiss tip.

8. Don’t Overdo It

One of the most essential first kiss tips is not to overdo it. French kissing is passionate, but not for first-time kissers. Start slowly. Part your lips a little and kiss his lips. Try to avoid tongue actions until he wants it. The trick is to follow your partner’s actions.

Let there be a moderate variety since the kissers are not yet aware of their preferred techniques. Starting with the standard model is better, and leaving bold experiments for later.

You might appear as a great French kisser if you relax and let him kiss you gently. Do not stick your whole tongue in his mouth, though. Otherwise, he will figure out that it is your first kiss.

9. Use your Hands

While kissing your boyfriend, use your hands to boost the feelings. For example, you can hug or touch his cheeks, neck, or hair. You can also put your hands on the chin to take control of the kiss.

Stroking is an essential part of a dynamic, fun kiss. It is enough to gently and slowly stroke your partner on the back, arms, face, and hair. Many people like it when their beloved put their hand on the neck so that the index finger touches the earlobe and the thumb strokes the cheek skin. Take this one of the best practical first kiss tips to make your kiss better.

10. Smile

You can say how you liked the kiss and smile if you feel quite confident. As soon as your boyfriend sees you smile while kissing, he will forget your little kissing mistakes. Guys love to see girls smile, especially while kissing. So when he opens his eyes during a kiss and sees you smile, he will understand that you love what he is doing.

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11. Leave him Dying for More

You do not have to be a perfect kisser to make a guy want more. Simply try to be the one that pulls out first. Not only will you avoid the heavy tongue action that you dread, but you will also leave him dying for more.

Finally, kiss your guy in a private place to avoid awkward situations, and be honest with him. If you have never kissed – no matter your age – feel free, to tell the truth. There is nothing wrong with you.

If he laughs at you, say goodbye to him immediately. He doesn’t deserve you. Well, ladies, tell us more about your first kiss.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about the first kiss:

How can I make sure my first kiss is good?

Watch the guy’s behavior to make sure your first kiss is good. If everything goes well, he will relax and want to kiss you again. However, if you or your partner don’t like something, try to discuss it delicately and fix it together without ridicule and resentment. Work on relationships is sometimes manifested even in such trifles.

What type of kiss is best for a first kiss?

Peck is the best for a first kiss. It is just a light touch of the lips. The lips may be closed and slightly wrinkled or compressed. Generally, this is what people go for when they first kiss because it’s intimate but doesn’t cross a line.

How do girls feel after their first kiss?

Girls will definitely feel dizzy, have a short-term fever, and absence of any thoughts in their head after the first kiss. In addition, girls, thanks to nature, can experience incredible pleasure since, during this period, the maximum amount of hormones such as endorphin, serotonin, and other biologically active substances associated with such sensations enter their bloodstream.

What should you not do on your first kiss?

The main rule is– do not overdo it. Then, try to do it with all your tenderness for your beloved. It is better to start slow and gradually move on to a passionate kiss. And finally, don’t try to make everything “perfect,” “according to the template,” and “like in that movie.” You have your own story so that everything will be even better!

What do you do after kissing someone?

After the kiss, you must definitely react somehow. You can’t pretend that you didn’t kiss and nothing happened between you. Therefore, smile at him so that he understands you are pleased.