7 Most Fashionable Color Combinations for 2013


Every girl always needs to be updated with the latest fashion and the knowledge of the latest designs and cuts will not do. Fashionista should know this year’s color trends, the art of matching colors and wear only stylish combos. I’ve got a list of 7 most fashionable color combinations for 2013 that will certainly make you a real fashionista.

1. Neon on neon

The color blocking trend, neon on neon, has been in news since last year. Neon on neon is for those girls who really want to stand out as a fashionista who makes a bold style statement. Combine royal blue pants with neon pink, yellow, or orange tops. It’s also recommended to wear neon colored shoes and accessories.

2. Black and white

Black and white is probably the most eternal combination that will never go out of fashion. One of the things I love about this trend is that it’s so easy to try. I’m sure every girl has something black or white in her wardrobe. Black and white combo can be a snappy vintage look or a basic formal look, depending on the style.

3. Black and yellow

Most girls think that black and yellow will make them look like a bee or a taxi, but it won’t. It’s actually one of the most fashionable color combinations, when worn correctly. Denim blue, white and black are clothing colors that go well with almost every other color and when you combine black with yellow it gives a strong and striking look.

4. Black and fierce pink

Fierce pink, also known as pop pink or neon pink, looks even more beautiful when matched with black. This color combo will surely not let you go unnoticed, because it’s really a bold one. Put on black pants or a skirt with a fierce pink top or wear your favorite LBD and add pink stripes onto it or combine it with pop pink accessories or heels.

5. Gray and peach

Gray and peach combo is an edgy and somewhat unexpected and unusual combination of colors. But it’s a pretty and feminine combo to wear year-round. Combine a soft peach dress or top with a gray shrug, jacket or even a bag. Gray and peach combo will make you look really chic and sophisticated.

6. Pink and blue

Combining powder blue and baby pink is a sure shot way of looking more feminine, younger, and prettier. Combine a blue spaghetti strap top with a pink jacket, denim shorts with a pink tee, or a bolder and more regal choice of a royal blue shirt with a pop pink colored stole.

7. Dark and light shades of the same color

Many girls do this with their denims; they wear blue denim lowers with dark or light blue uppers. Wearing a dark and a light shade of the same color may look dazzling and outstanding. Combine dark green jeans with a lime green top, or a light pink feminine top with red pants.

Don’t afraid to experiment with color combinations to see what works best for you. What do you think of these color combinations? Share your thoughts, please!