5 Effective Ways to Learn a Language Fast


Learning a new language is often difficult and challenging. Perfecting language skills to a conversational level requires many years of practice and experience. However, the rewards of being able to communicate in another language, with somebody that could otherwise not be understood, are priceless. It not only opens communication channels between others in the same country or city, but also allows one to converse efficiently while traveling abroad. These easy tips for learning a new language will put you well on the fast track to success.

1. Don’t give up!

The first hurdle while learning a new language is the perception that you will never be able to learn it completely. The first argument regarding this false statement is that many people do not know everything about English and yet communicate efficiently with it. The main concern is that you should not give up after a few weeks of mispronounced words and badly conjugated phrases. Stick with it and you will reap the rewards, guaranteed.

2. Make flashcards

Making flashcards requires you to write out the words and their translated meanings. By doing this, you are forced to write out every single word at least once. Then, you can use them on a daily basis and keep adding to them as you increase your vocabulary. Also, sticking them on their physical counterparts will help you relate the words to everyday life (ex. Putting a flashcard with the French word for lamp on your lamp).

3. Try and teach your friends

This means that you will have to know the material before you talk to them about it. Plus, discussing the language with somebody else helps prove to yourself that you are capable of learning a new language. Encourage your friends to ask you questions about how you would say something. If you don’t know an answer then that would be your homework assignment. By getting something wrong, your brain makes new chemical pathways that help increase the retention of what you missed.

4. Invest in a program that allows you to speak to it

Programs like Rosetta Stone have a conversational component that let you speak to a fluent language speaker. After logging in, you may choose to set up an online meeting where they can critique your speaking. This is important because writing is only a half of the whole language component. It is most important to be able to say the words correctly and in context.

5. Seek help

A cheap alternative is to find a native speaker and convince them to help you with your language one on one in a physical location. College campuses generally have a large fluent body of non-English speakers that are more than willing to work with you. It is also possible to just search online to arrange a Skype meeting with another speaker to better hone your new language skills.

Do you have any tips for learning a language fast? Share your thoughts, please!