7 Easy Ways to Get Organized


In our busy lives, it can be difficult to find effective ways to be organized. We have too many stuff going on so it isn’t always easy to keep everything tidy and organized. Here are a few easy and fun ways to get organized that require very minimal effort!

1. Take out and put back

When you take something out, be sure to put it back to where it belongs. In this way you will not lose important things and will not spend your time looking for them! Try to teach your family this rule and everything will always stay right where it should be!

2. Put in baskets or bins

This is one of my favorite ways to get organized! Instead of having all of your small things and papers lying around, put them in some fashionable bins or baskets! Each bin or basket could hold a type of an item broken into certain categories. It’s also one of the best ways to get organized in the closet! Recently I bought some great bins that slid right into my closet. I keep shoes in one bin, my scarves in the second, and my blankets in the third bin!

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3. Label drawers, cabinets, and bins

Labeling bins, drawers, and cabinets is another easy way to get organized efficiently and fast! By labeling outsides of the containers, it’s easier to tell where everything is and where everything should go. It’s not difficult to make labels with just a paper and pencil, but you can get a fancy label maker as well! They are cheap and you will find them at all arts and crafts stores!

4. Make lists

I’m one of those people who need to see everything written down if they are going to get anything done. I always create my to-do-lists of everything I need to do before a certain time or date. Cross off everything I have finished may seem very simple, but it helps me a lot!

5. Use calendar

Writing things that need to be done on a calendar will keep every day’s affairs in order and there will be less confusion. Just hang a calendar in a place where you can easily see it and hang a marker or pen next to it. Be sure to write each event on the correct date! You’ll see that this may be a real lifesaver!

6. Keep small things in plastic bags

Keeping small items in plastic bags is a great way to keep them safely together. I love to get large plastic bags and fill them with pencils and pens or even jewellery! And the smaller bags I use for beads and earrings! They look good because they are clear. Give it a try!

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7. Make routines

Following a daily routine will keep your day organized and allow you to do everything on time. But your routine does not have to be strict! Just have everywhere you need to go and everything that you need to do planned out beforehand and you’ll be so efficient and organized that you will have a lot of extra time!

Being organized is an important way to keep up with your busy schedule, because without organization, things may get really crazy! Which of these ways are you going to use in your home? Share your thoughts, please!