3 Crafty Ways to Reuse Old Newspapers


You may have old newspapers lying around the house with nowhere to go. Many people throw old newspapers out or sort them before dropping them off at the local recycling center. With recycling and up cycling now becoming a fat-moving trend once again, you can join in by starting with your collection of old newspapers. Here are a few crafty ideas on how to get new practical uses out of your old paper.

1. Use crumpled newspapers as cheap homemade deodorizers

Newspapers contain carbon because of the ink. You crumple a wad of old newspaper into a ball, place it inside a container with an open top, and set it aside. You can place this anywhere where you want to get rid of odors such as the basement, the shoe closet, or the bathroom.

2. Use newspapers as crafty gift bags

Forget buying new rolls of wrapping paper for everyday items or even for small gifts. You can easily learn how to fold a piece of newspaper into a small lunch bag. Glue a colorful button on the front or punch holes through the mouth and stick paper twine through, and you get a simple yet crafty paper bag.

3. Use old newspapers to wipe glass windows and mirrors

This is a time-tested way to make your mirrors shine. The carbon in newspaper ink helps remove stains from glass surfaces. You can soak crumpled newspapers in vinegar diluted with water, and use this to wipe your mirrors and glass windows clean.

These are just a few of the many crafty ways to reuse old newspaper. Do not leave piles of old paper lying around. If you cannot throw them out, look for creative ways to recycle. You are lessening the amount of trash you take out and you are saving money as well. What are your favorite ways to reuse old newspapers?