How to Avoid and Deal with Wolf Attacks


Wolves are not very likely to stalk, attack, or even approach people. They do not naturally see us as prey, and will likely only attack if they feel threatened. Some wolves do become habituated to humans and to campsites, and so may walk around out in the open because they are unafraid. However, even a habituated wolf can quickly turn aggressive if frightened.

Precautions That Will Keep You Safe

You can steer clear of wolf attacks by keeping a few simple rules in mind. Just remember that you are in their environment when hiking or camping, and so it is up to you to behave responsibly. You can avoid a wolf attack by:

  1. Always keeping an eye on small children and making sure that they stay close.
  2. If you are bringing a pet along with you, always have it leashed.
  3. Keep your camp clean and do not leave food lying around. Take all of your garbage with you and throw it away.
  4. Suspend toiletries and other personal items between trees, away from the ground.

How to Deal With an Aggressive Wolf

If a wolf starts to come towards you and is behaving in an obviously aggressive manner, then you need to take some action. You should:

  1. Try to make yourself appear larger by waving your arms.
  2. If with a group, then get everyone together and pick up any small children.
  3. Do not turn around and do not run.
  4. Back away very slowly.
  5. Make a lot of noise.
  6. Throw rocks and sticks at the wolf.
  7. Consider climbing a tree if you can, as wolves can’t climb trees.

You will most likely be able to scare the wolf off, but if it is not deterred and proceeds to attack, then you need to fight back. Hit it with anything you can find, such as rocks, sticks, and even your firsts. Use your forearm to fend off attacks, and always try to get back on your feet if knocked down.