7 Most Common Exfoliation Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid


If you want to look beautiful and charming, you should certainly spend a lot of time caring for your skin. Fortunately, there are so many ways to make your skin healthy and glowing. When it comes to skincare, lots of women find exfoliation the most appropriate choice. But very often, we make some mistakes while exfoliating our skin. Surely, we should be aware of these mistakes to prevent negative effects. Sometimes you don’t even realize that the way you treat your skin may be really harmful. That’s why it is essential to remember a few things that you should avoid when exfoliating your skin. I recommend you to consider the following list.

1. Dry Exfoliation

First of all, you should moisturize your skin, and only then you can exfoliate it. You will never achieve the desired result if it is dry. Make sure to use some water with a sponge or a brush which are typical tools for exfoliation. It should be mentioned that dry rubs are effective only for certain parts of your body, but they can be dangerous for your face. The only thing you need is to rinse your skin before exfoliating it. In such way, you will prevent rashes and irritations.

2. Harsh Ingredients

Be careful while choosing your exfoliating product. If you see that it contains any harsh ingredients, you should definitely look for another one. Otherwise, exfoliation will turn out to be a great problem for you. People with dry, oily, and sensitive skin should avoid harsh chemicals by all means. One way or another, those small parts will hurt your skin. So, I would advise you to give preference to gentle and natural ingredients. You can be sure they also work.

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3. You Exfoliate Too Much

Most women try to exfoliate too much as they think it will be more efficient for their skin. However, they are completely mistaken. Those people who tend to use exfoliation products almost every day should understand that their skin is subjected to damage. If you overdo it, you may be disappointed with the final results. Do you know that frequent exfoliations can lead your skin to dry out? Surely, you should give it some time to balance. It is wise to peel your skin no more than once or a maximum of twice a week. Keep to this rule, and you’ll be amazed with the perfect look of your skin.

4. Not Moisturizing Afterward

It is necessary to pay much attention to your skin when you finish exfoliating. I think that nothing can be better than moisturizing it afterward. Those who skip this stage of skincare usually suffer from numerous irritations. Besides, their skin may look even worse than before.

To reach the best result, try to choose a moisturizer according to the type of your skin. Don’t forget that it should be applied to your face within a few minutes after taking a shower. It will be easier for your pores to absorb the moisture. By doing this, you will never have any irritation on your skin.

5. You Scrub Only Your Face

Why do we scrub our skin? The main reason is that we have to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and debris from our faces. Though, it is not the only area of our body that should be exfoliated. Such parts as the chest, neck, elbows, and knees also need your special care. They will look magnificent after you peel them.

Make it a rule to do that one or two times a week, and you will feel all the benefits of exfoliation on your skin. Today many tools and scrubs are available for you at the stores and supermarkets. While choosing them, you should bear in mind that the same tools can’t be used for different body parts.

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6. Over-Scrubbing

One of the biggest exfoliation mistakes that you should avoid is over-scrubbing. By trying to scrub your skin excessively, you will hurt it greatly. Only by exfoliating your skin gently, you can make it healthy and radiant. That is the basic rule you should stick to. I should admit it isn’t significant to scour your face or other areas of your body. Perhaps now you can’t see any difference, but the effects will be obvious sometime later. To protect yourself from the negative impact of over-scrubbing, you’d better not use any tools unless your fingertips.

7. Overkill

Some women often fail to benefit from exfoliation. It happens so because they choose the wrong time for this routine. If you have any irritation on your skin, exfoliation is not the most suitable treatment for your skin. It can be extremely painful and even complicate the problem. All the things you do to your skin after exfoliating it also matter. You need to wait a few days, and only then some facial mask or waxing can be used.

Try to include exfoliation into the list of your skincare routines, and you will see how beneficial it can be for you. Just do your best not to make the mistakes mentioned above. Remember that moisturizing is the most important thing to do after you finish exfoliating. Does exfoliation help you to take care of your skin? What are the most typical mistakes you usually make?