15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


5. Grey

Grey is not as boring as many of us think. It’s actually incredible color to add to your wardrobe. It’s highly appealing to most men, since it sends a signal of softness, coziness and comfort. Plus, it’s a professional color to wear to work. Grey is very neutral and it matches almost everything. People usually associate grey color with intellect, wisdom and discretion. Don’t forget that our brains are made of “grey matter”. If you want to create the impression of a reasonable person, consider wearing grey.

I love grey for its calmness and homeliness. Grey cotton t-shirts and sweaters are great for cold winter evenings spent in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot coffee… you can create a very romantic mood by wearing grey clothes. Try to combine it with white and pastel pink. A woman with any complexion and hair color will not make a mistake if she chooses grey garment. This color will only enhance your beauty! In addition, scholars have proved that our eye can recognize more than 500 tints of grey! I am sure you can find one which suits you best. If you don’t like grey, okay, read on to learn more fabulous colors…

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