15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


4. Black

Black is a favorite color of most women due to numerous reasons. And the first one is probably its perfect corrective properties! You can conceal any body’s flaw by a wise black outfit. It helps you look thinner and more graceful. My only advice here is not to put on formless and baggy garments because they can disfigure even the most perfect body and you can turn into one big black spot.

This color sends a message of professionalism and sophistication and it can easily be paired with almost any color. Plus, men adore a woman in a little black dress. For more than 90 years Coco Chanel’s invention occupies the first places among women’s favorite clothes! If you wear black in the office, it will send a message of leadership.

When choosing black clothing, consider the fabric and season outside. Wool dresses and jackets will be essential in fall and winter. But in summer opt for chiffon and sateen, you will feel comfortable even under sun rays. Forget about synthetics!, unless you want to faint, of course. One of the biggest pluses of wearing black is that you can experiment with bold accessories. Moreover, red or cherry lipstick will make your look especially striking.