15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


15. Violet

Most people associate violet color with emotions, perception, fantasies and dreams. Violet, as well as its tints, helps to gain harmony and stimulates our ingenuity. They say people who prefer violet are unique and extraordinary; they don’t like to be a part of a crowd. Isn’t it an argument to try violet?

With a bit of purple and a touch of blue, violet works on any complexion and brightens any feature. Violet dresses, sweaters, scarves, coats and jeans are all excellent options. Since violet works great with dark neutral colors, it’s perfect as a color pop under a grey, navy or black jacket. This is a perfect choice for cocktail or evening dress. Always complement your look with metallic jewellery or accessories.

There are a mass of violet tints including lavender, lilac, electric violet, and mauve. Violet can be really flattering if you find the tint, which suits you best. If you are a blonde with grey or blue eyes try wearing lilac. It looks outstanding against fair skin. Lilac and lavender tints will suit swarthy and tanned girls as well. They will accentuate the rich tone of their skin.

Many shades of greens, blues, and some basic colors look amazing on almost every woman. Pinks, reds, yellows and oranges are also beautiful colors, but, unfortunately, they look good on certain skin tones. Try wearing the colors mentioned above more often and you will love them! What are your favorite clothing colors?