15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


12. Bronze

Nowadays gold and silver steal most of the metallic spotlight, but not every woman can wear those colors. Bronze looks amazing on almost anyone because of its warm undertones. It’s a dark variant of yellow and gold, thus it sends the signals of friendship, love and life. Bronze is a very natural color. It reminds me of a fire, wood, leaves and sun. That’s why I love wearing this color in winter and fall, as it gives me deficient coziness and warmth. However, it’s believed that bronze is the perfect color for summer as well.

Sure, it doesn’t mean that you should wear a lot of this color. Use bronze as accent pieces (a skirt or a camisole) or try wearing a bronze scarf or hat.You can pair bronze clothing with emerald, green and teal colors. Bronze will help to set off your skin and hair color. Don’t be afraid of using too much gloss; the correct combinations of fabrics, colors and cuts will do the job.

Bronze accessories and jewellery are especially appropriate if you aim to create ethnic look. Use massive bracelets, earrings and rings together with motley patterns in cloth to look your best at an important event.